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Back in November I had the chance to inform my readers about We Day. We Day has been sweeping across the nation inspiring our youth and now I am proud to say will be presenting tomorrow in my home province of Saskatchewan.   Attendees cannot purchase tickets to this event but rather the youth of our local communities showing promise towards change and inspiration are given the life-changing opportunity to attend.  This year, Telus Mobility has taken on the role of one of the main sponsors for We Day; with the use of technology today, I could not think of a better sponsor to represent such a powerful message.


Many tweens and teens throughout Saskatchewan will be driving the distance to attend this once in a lifetime opportunity for We Day Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.  Telus has generously offered me the opportunity to attend and document this event using the Samsung Galaxy SIII with my eldest daughter, Miss Priss.  At the age of 12, Miss Priss is already wise beyond her years, thinking of future generations and how they will be effected by our actions today.  I’m excited to be able to share this experience with my daughter and watch the results unfold after she witnesses such a powerful message.  With the right motivation I have always thought Miss Priss to have the strong personality to achieve great things. For many students who will be attending tomorrows event, this event will inspire change and movement in our youth and their futures.


If you aren’t able to attend one of these events in person, check out the We Day website for other ways you can act, inspire and live the change. I know as a parent I will be moved at the sheer vastness of this event and look forward to seeing how our youth uses this gift.  Check back for my We Day experience after tomorrow.  Telus recognizes the potential of our youth today offering many educational opportunities, safety programs and products for our youth to embrace the newest technology safely.


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In celebration of events like We Day, Telus is offering one of This Lil Piglet’s readers a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Ace II X™ valued at $250!!! With cutting edge technology and sleek portable design, the Samsung Galaxy Ace II X is the perfect starter smart phone for your tween or teen at an affordable price.  


To enter to win, tell me how your child, niece or nephew is involved in your community in the form below. Open to Canadian residents ages 18+, excluding Quebec.

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  1. 1

    Anne Taylor says

    My grandkids are very aware of the importance to give to others. They love coming with us when we donate to 3 charities at Christmas time and they also are very generous with their gently worn clothing and toys. They feel great giving them to other kids

  2. 3

    ginette4 says

    My child walks yearly to end violence, she also helps out at our church and she goes around asking for milk bag and makes mats for 3rd world countries

  3. 4

    pamela smockum says

    My little girl loves to be as active and involved in everything in our community. She likes to make sure everyone is included and no one is left out.

  4. 6

    Brenda Penton says

    Sadly, there isn’t many programs in my area for kids to particpate in. My kids participate in school activities for clean up day. We also take part in the town’s clean up week.

  5. 9

    Sam Dock says

    MY son is still pretty young, but I do ask him to help with things at church when I think there is something suited for him.

  6. 11

    Lee Pearson says

    My neice volunteers at a local recycling type centre separating goods that go to various thrift shops in our area for resale. She loves it and does it often. She believes in this cause because it reuses items that could have ended up in the garbage, therefore, saving the environment at the same time.

  7. 16

    lisa bolduc says

    my nephew has downs, he is a fun little guy, he likes to pick up garbage on the streets. So he goes around with his claw picker up thing and a trolly and a garbage bin, picking up all of the garbage on my moms street. Most of the neighbours stop and thank him when the see him doing that.

  8. 19

    Elaine Bolduc says

    my grandson has down syndrome and he goes around our neighbourhood with a wagon and a recycle box and his pinchers. he will pick up every piece of garbage on his way. he is the one that keeps our neighbourhood clean

  9. 20

    Ang says

    My sister in law makes sure that her kids value giving back. At Christmas each year they serve food at a shelter. It helps the kids to learn that Christmas is not all about getting. When my kids are old enough I plan to do this as well.

  10. 23

    Jeannie says

    My son is currently spending one afternoon a week at a local seniors home just to spend some time with them. He’s still fairly young at 4, but they love to read him stories and he loves hearing them read to him. It’s not much, but they seem to really enjoy their time with them.

  11. 24

    Sunshine G says

    Mine is too small to be involved yet, but once she’s bigger, she’ll be helping with food bank drives.

  12. 25

    Dayna Wilson says

    Mine is still too little to do much. But based on how much he loves doggies, I wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses to help out at an animal shelter or the like.

  13. 26

    Glogirl says

    My cousin is involved with her community and right now is doing a fundraiser for the SPCA by selling cupcakes.

  14. 28

    Sumit Atre says

    My nephew and I now volunteer for Halloween like the elders did for us (well for me a while ago!)

  15. 29

    Lori Bazan says

    My son volunteers at the Winnipeg Humane Society and also canvass’s for Canadian Cancer Society

  16. 34


    My child helps donate to christmas cheer every year. He also held a garage sale last year of his own items in support of heart and stroke.

  17. 35

    Lee-Ann says

    My daughter loves volunteering..from the homeless shelter, to soup kitchens to the Humane Society. She inspires me!

  18. 38

    Chi says

    My niece is obsessed with picking up trash she sees on the street and depositing it in the nearest trash bin.

  19. 39

    Elaine D says

    My nephew makes a difference by volunteering at his high school after school days. He’s very involved.

  20. 40

    Harvinderks says

    My daughter has a very generous spirit and signs up for all fundraising activities through her school including a toy drive at Christmas. At home we donate to 3 charities every year and donate our old coats to Coats for Kids!

  21. 41

    nicoleroannef says

    My nieces and nephews participate in fundraising through their church and volunteer for charitable events

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