Toilet Paper Roll 101

The WRONG way to put on a toilet paper roll…is it just me or are kids getting more lazy these days? I mean, I know that extra step is soooo awful but the 2 seconds it takes won’t keep you from anything pressing. Eye Roll.




  1. 3

    Karen Hand says

    In my house, it doesn’t even get as far as the picture! In all honesty, my dog loves to play with the toilet paper, so we leave it off the role intentionally, until that is, we have company.

  2. 4

    Sam Dock says

    Be thanful that they at least put a new roll within reach of the toilet…I still cant even get my husband to do that much!

  3. 5

    Maddie K says

    Welcome to my life! I HATE when anyone doesn’t just go the extra step to put the paper on the roll!

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