“City Mom to Farmer Joe, This Lil Piglet will keep you on your hooves and give you everything you need to raise barn animals OR kids.”

This Lil Piglet is an informative blog covering important subjects such as parenting, pregnancy, children, eco-friendly ideas or products and green living and business. Recently my husband and I moved into our dream home on our farm, the home we build ourselves from the ground up. Call us crazy? Luckily my husband is qualified in the trades, experienced with building and grew up on the farm; I on the other hand am a city girl with no experience but am eager to learn and will be blogging my way the entire way through. From selecting materials, building the house to purchasing farm animals and building a barn, everything DIY, my readers will have plenty to follow along.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…and counting?

Me – I’m Stacey a guilty mom to 5 wonderful kids, Mr. Man – 13, Miss Priss – 12, Squeakers – 11, Baby Girl – 2 and our newest addition Baby Ro – infant, my inspiration for this blog, and a loving wife to Hubs – my soul mate. Being a former shift-worker in a high-stress demanding career for 13 years and now a WAHM myself, I know how important it is to balance time effectively either for my business or making sure to spend enough quality time with my family and be “available”. I love handmade items and creating them as well. Having my children be part of kids crafts time is a special treat for all us. All of us enjoy spending as much family time as we can together and have regular sit down family meals together. We specifically set aside time for family night weekly, whether it’s board games or building forts in the snow. My older 3 kiddos are from my first marriage and although it has been a long rocky road, their dad and I co-parent with joint custody. It’s a work in progress but it is progress! Baby Girl only gets to see her half-siblings 2 weeks out of the month, which is hard not only on her but on everyone. I am a green living (for the most part), avid reader who enjoys dirt-biking, water-skiing, blogging and good old hands on hard work. I am a hard worker and am always eager to try new things to show the kids they can really do anything they set their minds to. Believe it or not, I have my motorcycle license and used to drive a “crotch rocket”…once we decided to start trying for Baby Girl, I sold the bike and bought a mini-van…Soccer mom wild at heart!
Hubs – Journeyman Electrician by trade, he is really a Jack-of-All Trades and the builder of our house. I would describe him as a bit of a workaholic who just when you think one DIY project is done, another pops up. In his off-time he has enjoyed playing hockey and enjoys being an amateur personal chef, for me 😉
Hollywood (Formerly Mr. Man) – He’s officially a teenager at 13, a hockey player, baseball player, dirt-bike rider, water sports lover, avid reader, dabbles with the guitar, beginning blogger, gamer, hormonal teen and Beiber look-a-like/wanna-be (although it’s not “cool” anymore to mention this).  Hollywood is certified in his hunter safety course and babysitter course. He’s outgoing and a sweetheart by nature who seems to be a real ladies man (as much as a 13 year old can be). Hollywood is my Momma’s boy; he’s very thoughtful and often times you will catch him opening doors for me or sneaking a kiss from his momma.
Miss Priss – She’s 11, a dancer, soccer player, water sports lover, dirt-bike rider, artist, assertive, out-going, easily frustrated, anger challenged wonderful girl who has a hard time with transition.  She and I have intimate conversations about her feelings on a regular basis which helps her enhance her coping skills. Miss Priss loves to write in her journal about her thoughts, loves to write and sing her own songs and has a pretty singing voice. Miss Priss is my little mother hen and helps me with Baby Girl on a daily basis.
Squeakers – She’s 10, a dancer, soccer player who likes but not loves water-sports. She is my regular little helper in the kitchen cooking or cleaning. She’s sensitive, shy, embarrasses easily and needs some encouragement to make decisions on her own because she loves to please. Squeakers is a kind innocent little girl who loves to cuddle, has a beautiful singing voice and writes her own songs.
Baby GirlA 2 year old stubborn independent toddler with a contagious smile.  She makes everyone smile and giggle throughout the day. She laughs randomly, copies everything, and into everything…WILD!  She plays strange and sometimes acts shy. She is a lover of cookies and a co-sleeping night owl who usually outlasts me for bedtime. She’s ready for potty training and it’s probably time to be rid of her “soo-soo” and bottle but…did I mention she’s stubborn?!


I love my family in all their craziness….there is never a dull moment in the Lil Piglet house!

Read my Elevator Pitch; I guarantee a laugh.  :)