BBQ Grill Event Twitter Follows

**You must follow all of these Twitter accounts to gain this entry option.  Once complete, head back over to the giveaway entry form page HERE to enter as many ways as you can. The more ways you enter, the better chance you have of winning the grand … [Read more...]

Fathers Day Giveaway Event

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

This Lil Piglet will be participating in the Father’s Day Giveaway Event over at Makobi Scribe. Makobi Scribe will advertise the event in over 40 giveaway sites as well as Retweet each of the participating bloggers giveaways. Sponsors – this is a … [Read more...]

BBQ Grill Give it Away Event Blogger Sign Up

BBQ Grill Giveaway Event

Join This Lil Piglet and Sober Julie JUNE 21 - 28 in a BBQ Grill Giveaway Event valued at $300!  This event will be no work and ALL gain for all you fabulous bloggers; perfect timing to give your blogs a big summer gain of followers before you kick … [Read more...]

Birthday Bash Event Sign Ups Open

Birthday Bash Giveaway Event

  Bloggers looking to gain followers while providing a fun and exciting event to your readers?  Join This Lil Piglet and Mommy Kat and Kids for the Birthday Bash Giveaway Blog Hop Event, June 12th - 19th. What is it? Perfect timing to … [Read more...]

The Blur of BlogWest

BlogWest Conference

The announcement of BlogWest had me chomping at the bit. What began with a thought in the mind of Felicia Delwar of Single Mom of Two, BlogWest was planned and executed within 8 weeks. Naturally I wasn't the only one excited, there was a yearning … [Read more...]

Patio Lanterns Event Blogger Sign Ups

Bloggers looking to gain followers while providing a fun and exciting event to your readers?  Join This Lil Piglet, Tales of a Ranting Ginger and Sober Julie for the Patio Lanterns Giveaway Event, May 7th - 13th. What is it? Perfect timing for … [Read more...]

The Luck of the Irish Event

THe Luck of the Irish Giveaway Event

Mama Does It All and Deals From MS Do proudly present the Luck of the Irish Giveaway Hop from March 1 12:01 AM to March 17 11:59 PM and are accepting signups now.  If you're a blogger looking for a St. Patricks Day giveaway hop to join; click the … [Read more...]

Facebook and Twitter Amazon Blast Event


This Lil Piglet will be taking part in the Facebook and Twitter Amazon Blast Event, hosted by Makobi Scribe.  If you're a blogger and wondering what this event is all about, hop over to Makobi Scribe for more details or learn how to sign up for the … [Read more...]

Sponsor Me at BlogWest 2012 in March

BlogWest 2012 Bloggers Canada

"BlogWest 2012 is in its inaugural year and aims to bring the blogging community together to learn, share and network with each other and the brands that love them. More than 200 bloggers from across western Canada are expected to descend on … [Read more...]

50 Flash Moola Sweeps Sign Ups

$50 PayPal Flash Cash Giveaway Event Sign Ups

Bloggers join This Lil Piglet and Parent Palace for a $50 US PayPal FLASH Giveaway.   What is a Flash giveaway? A flash giveaway is announced on short notice via Facebook, Twitter and other various social media outlets to all readers … [Read more...]

Holiday Sweep Cash Sweepstakes

Holiday Sweep Cash Giveaway

UPDATE - So far participating Bloggers have pooled together $195 in cash to give away.  Sign ups end tomorrow!!!   Bloggers appreciate our readers and the support they continue to give us.  This holiday season This Lil Piglet and Family … [Read more...]