Stacking Savings with Target REDCard


Canadian Thanksgiving has past and Halloween is here; before long Christmas will be on the minds of shoppers everywhere searching for that special or much needed gift. Each holiday I like to bring something new to my decor or dinner table; no long … [Read more...]

Spontaneous Family Travel on a Budget


With a large family, we don't get away on vacations as often as we used to. Larger, more detailed travel arrangements take some planning for itineraries, accommodations, family activities (that offer something for everyone) and  most of all, … [Read more...]

Less Banking and More Good Times Contest

Less Banking More Good Times Contest

My life is busy. I have 5 kids ranging from infant to 14 years, who keep me hopping from morning until night. Add in sports activities, friend time and birthdays or holidays - in a large family, which seem to come once a month - there isn't much time … [Read more...]

Saving on Back to School Supplies

Saving on Back to School Supplies

The days of lunches, chatter of new and old friends and what the hottest new back to school gadget out there is already upon us for some. For the rest of us, we're already plotting our back to school shopping in waves. As a large family with kids in … [Read more...]

New #Canadian Mortgage Rules Affect You

Canadian Mortgage Rules 2012

Yesterday the Canadian Federal Government changed the rules on the maximum amortization period for repayment on Canadian mortgages and the amount considered on the value of a home for purposes of refinancing. For some this doesn't really mean … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

We've had our ups and downs with this new house Hubs and I are building, partially from high expectations and partially from being a little naive about the whole home building process.  One of the biggest struggles for us in the beginning was … [Read more...]

I Shop Online, Do You?

I don't know about you but I do a lot of my shopping online because I find it to be a lot easier than hauling 4 kids to the mall.  On top of that, then I have to wrap the item and take it to the post office to mail the gift.  These extra vehicle … [Read more...]