Holding a Grudge and Being Thankful


Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner and as per usual, I am prepping for a house full of family. Unlike most holiday blog posts, Thanksgiving really has nothing to do with what I am about to write, other than it's what sparked this post. … [Read more...]

Signs Your Toddler is Preschool Ready

Signs Toddler is Ready for School

Baby Girl is 3 now and technically old enough to attend pre-school. I recently found out she can take the bus to OR from the school. Pardon? First, I'm not ready for my baby to grow up and second, she seems far too little to put on the bus and wave … [Read more...]

Eggs for Life Babies First Solid Food

Eggs Baby Starter Foods

When my older kids were babies the first food their Doctor recommended was infant cereal, beginning at 6 months on rice and moving onto other grains. Through trial and error we worked our way through their first puréed vegetables and fruits, avoiding … [Read more...]

Tips to Prepare Siblings for the New Baby

Top Pregnancy Essentials

With each day and an expanding girth it is becoming more apparent to Baby Girl that there is something inside mommy's belly. We've prepared her along the way with the excitement of her new little brother's arrival, saying the cutest things like … [Read more...]

Ways to Increase #Fertility

Fertility Health

If you are thinking about or trying to conceive, diet, health, sleep patterns, environmental conditions and stress can all be factors in reproductive health and conception success.  Most couples trying to conceive (TTC) are already conscious about … [Read more...]

Back to School and Settling in


My kids have been back to school for a week now and seem to be settling in just fine.  Hollywood was especially nervous about returning, although eagerly awaiting the start of his high school experience.  As old as he seems to be these days, his … [Read more...]

Year Round Picnic Ideas and Giveaway

Picnic Ideas

Picnics are a favourite bonding activity for us, whether it's the whole family or a romantic picnic for Hubs and I.  Food and location create the mood for the picnic; the company and details are what make it memorable.  Picnics do not need to be only … [Read more...]

Time to Prep for Back to School

Back to School Checklist

Summer is almost half over already; can you believe it?  Although we style have a bit of time to enjoy reconnecting with our kids over the summer break, it's quickly becoming time to start preparing for sending your kids back to school.  Getting … [Read more...]