Easter and Mother’s Day Memories with #HallmarkPressPause


  Less than a week ago my grandmother of 90 years fell ill, became hospitalized and quickly deteriorated. She was a strong spitfire of a woman who had a hard life but spent it helping others in a career of nursing. Despite some of her … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Skin Enhancer – $300 #MarcelleMoms Giveaways


Aging skin is beautiful but tired and uneven skin is something many of us ladies could do without. We can't do much about genetics and it's probably too late for those of us with skin damage but even for those of us who are blessed with somewhat … [Read more...]

Deviled Eggs with a Twist


Normally Easter is filled with mountains of traditional Easter recipes and the laughter of our family members surrounding our table. This year will be celebrated with one less. If you've been following along, you will know that my grandmother passed … [Read more...]

Spring Fashion Faux Pas, BFF’s and #Wendys #NewSaladCollection


  It's not too often I can take a day to myself for a casual lunch date with a girlfriend but I'm okay with that. I keep on top of the inner workings of the family while Hubs works long hours and more often than not, my outings include my … [Read more...]

Egg and Avocado Salad Rolls


  March was nutrition month which is a great reminder for all to eat better and make healthier choices. Once I started having children I made a choice to feed my family healthy foods but nearing 40, a healthier lifestyle is more in the forefront. … [Read more...]

Chicken IS Super Food #ChickenSuperFood Twitter Party Alert

ChickenSuperFood Twitter Party

For 2 years I was a Chicken Farmers of Canada Brand Ambassador and although I no longer hold that role my commitment to chicken holds stronger than ever. I have since moved into one of the leads on their Digital Marketing team which should point out … [Read more...]

Express Your Barbie Style and WIN


As far back as I can remember I have fond memories of pretend play. I had suitcases filled with Barbie and friends, not to mention the numerous outfits and accessories, that my sister and I had collected over the years. I played with them for hours … [Read more...]

Vote for the Worst Roads and #ONWorstRoads Twitter Party

unnamed (1)

The snow is melting all around us and were relieved; it’s been a long cold winter and no matter who you talk to, they are ready for spring to stay. Soon trees will start budding, tulips will break ground and signs of life will start blooming … [Read more...]

You are a Winter Warrior $100 Giveaway


I know some of my Ontario friends are speaking of flurries today, blasphemy, but here on the Saskatchewan prairies we have had a few straight days of temperatures in the pluses. Gasp. Obviously I do not expect this balmy weather to last but it is … [Read more...]

Eczema Management with AVEENO Eczema Care iPhone App


Ever since my eldest son was a baby we've been dealing with eczema. It's so sad to see the little ones so red, dry and itchy. Fortunately my girls didn't seem to have issues with eczema but both my boys do and the usual methods to help soothe take … [Read more...]

#OasisLowCalorie Contest and Twitter Party


From the time my oldest kids were introduced to juice I was fairly strict with how often I would allow my kids to drink it and what kind I would let touch their lips. Water was always a priority but when I considered juice it had to be packed full of … [Read more...]

*FLASH GIVEAWAY* 20 Gift Cards 17/02/14


I'm doing a FLASH GIVEAWAY now until tomorrow at 8 pm ET with 19 other bloggers. Enter to win up to 20 Gift Cards!! Head over to the This Lil Piglet Facebook Page HERE for your chance to win. Official rules can be read HERE. Do you know someone … [Read more...]

Heart Shaped Eggs for a Sweet Heart


This month is heart health month and as much as I love an adorably festive addition to holiday meals, this post is more about the importance of good heart health than it is about cute Valentine's Day food. As a Burnbrae Farms Brand Ambassador and … [Read more...]

Valentine Gift Ideas from #HallmarkPressPause and Giveaway


    Valentine's Day is tomorrow and if you are like me, you're scrambling trying to figure out just the right gift to show your loved ones how special they are. Of course, I prefer to show how much I care throughout the year but I … [Read more...]

4 Beauty Looks Under 5 Minutes and $320 Giveaway #MarcelleMoms

marcelle cosmetics giveaway

As a mom to 5 I don’t always feel like I’m looking my best but when I head out to my daughters basketball games or the grocery store, I like to  feel like I’m put together without a lot of makeup. I prefer the more natural look and frankly I don’t … [Read more...]