Choosing the Right Skin Enhancer – $300 #MarcelleMoms Giveaways


Aging skin is beautiful but tired and uneven skin is something many of us ladies could do without. We can't do much about genetics and it's probably too late for those of us with skin damage but even for those of us who are blessed with somewhat … [Read more...]

Spring Fashion Faux Pas, BFF’s and #Wendys #NewSaladCollection


  It's not too often I can take a day to myself for a casual lunch date with a girlfriend but I'm okay with that. I keep on top of the inner workings of the family while Hubs works long hours and more often than not, my outings include my … [Read more...]

4 Beauty Looks Under 5 Minutes and $320 Giveaway #MarcelleMoms

marcelle cosmetics giveaway

As a mom to 5 I don’t always feel like I’m looking my best but when I head out to my daughters basketball games or the grocery store, I like to  feel like I’m put together without a lot of makeup. I prefer the more natural look and frankly I don’t … [Read more...]

Unique Gift of a Jord Wood Watch #ValentinesDay Giveaway #JordWatch


My father-in-law is a bit of a watch fanatic; like many have a shoe passion, he has a watch got-to-have-it passion. I see his point; arm candy definitely spruces up any outfit, from casual to formal. Giving unique gifts is a bit of a challenge but … [Read more...]

Enjoying my Favourite Magazines Right at Home with @NextIssueCanada


I have a love of reading. Before I had little ones I could barely tear myself away from a good book before reading it front to back in one sitting. Now that I have kids I find it hard to sit down with a thick novel and read much of anything before … [Read more...]

Turbo FAST Premieres Dec 24 and PS3 @NetflixCA Giveaway #NetflixNewYear


As a Netflix Family we spend a lot of time watching our favourites and are always eager to learn about new original series exclusive to Netflix. Tomorrow Netflix will be premiering the all new Turbo Fast series in the Crazy Fast episode featuring … [Read more...]

LeapPad Ultra Review Guest Post #SJHolidayGiftGuide

LeapFrog LeapPad Gift ideas for Kids 2013

Technology fills our lives, and the lives of our children. From computers to iPods and everything in between. As a parent, when my daughter, Charley (age 7) asked for a LeapPad Ultra for her 8th birthday, my first thought was “Another piece of … [Read more...]

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor Giveaway


Being farmers we spend a lot of time outside in the yard tending to our animals, garden or other necessary seasonal chores around the acreage which makes it hard to feel secure about leaving baby inside during nap times.  I've gone through several … [Read more...]

Howling Good Time @MattelGameOn Giveaway #GameOnParty


For Halloween we threw a big party and sleepover for the girls and 7 of their closest friends. Family and friends came out to enjoy the festivities and were challenged to a game on party not short of creepy treats and interesting costumes. As a … [Read more...]

Bonding Moments at Bedtime #JohnsonsNatural

Johnsons Natural Bedtime Routine

From the time the kids were in my belly, I have had a nightly routine. Each evening during pregnancy I would have a relaxing warm bath, read and sing to my little ones growing inside before drifting off to sleep. My eldest is now 14 but no matter how … [Read more...]

The Power and Seduction of @FrigidaireCA Induction Giveaway #TestDriveMoms

Frigidaire Gallery Induction Range

Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone and let me tell you, there was no shortage of good food.  As a farmer and a mom to 5, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. No matter the occasion, we get together with extended family to cook, celebrate and … [Read more...]

Saving on Back to School Clothes with Walmart


  Back to school has been a whirlwind of shopping, school lunches, sports try-outs and practices and chaos.  I think things are finally starting to get into a groove with my kids. Homework has started coming home which is a good sign the … [Read more...]

Beyond Bedding Review and Giveaway

Beyond Bedding Teen Bedding

I don't know what it is about Miss Priss but she changes her bedding as often as she changes her clothes, or so it seems.  I guess she's no different than anyone else, she gets bored and wants a new and fresh look to her space. Her last bedding set … [Read more...]

Rub a Dub Dub with #JohnsonsNatural Special Moments

Baby Johnsons Natural Bath Ritual

  Shortly after holding Baby Ro in my arms I experienced my first nursing bonding moment. In the first day after birth I changed his first diaper and gave him his first sponge bath; he wasn't very fond of those firsts but they are moments … [Read more...]

Top Google Nexus 7 Tablet Features

Nexus 7 Review

Being in Social Media community management  it's a given that I love technology. I am always seeking out the newest and the best tools to maximize my time but I don't like the hefty price tag that comes along with some.  I definitely cannot go … [Read more...]