Spontaneous Family Travel on a Budget


With a large family, we don't get away on vacations as often as we used to. Larger, more detailed travel arrangements take some planning for itineraries, accommodations, family activities (that offer something for everyone) and  most of all, … [Read more...]

Travel Games for Kids

Road Trip Games for Kids

With travel plans underway I suspect many of you are eagerly awaiting that summer road trip with the family.  You have every detail covered and then you realize that you forgot something essential; I always forget something.   Road trips are one of … [Read more...]

10 Healthy Travel Snacks for Kids


Travelling with kids is hard enough.  Add in the packing....oh the packing!  Intentions are always good when you are in your planning phase; the kids will only eat healthy meals and snacks this time. Mmmhmm! I've been there; it is easier to grab … [Read more...]