Reviews and Giveaways – Policies & Guidelines

We will not review any products unless we try them.  If you’d like us to do a review on a product or service, we require that you send it to us for and honest trial.  This Lil Piglet has a minimum value for reviews and a minimum value for giveaways when provided with a review; products must be full size and not sample sizes.  All shipping costs associated with the product will be at your expense and we will not return the product.  If there are any customs charges to be paid upon delivery, I have the right to send the shipment back unpaid or if I do accept the delivery and pay the charges(if they are reasonable), you will be required to reimburse all fees either via cheque or PayPal (PayPal preferred).  You will receive an email requesting reimbursement which must be paid before the review/giveaway will be posted.  To avoid any returned shipments, please make sure all charges, including custom fees, are paid when you ship the sample.  We do not pay COD’s, they will be returned.
We will not guarantee a positive review although we will guarantee to give an honest trial of the product, to review all the pros and cons and to give a non-bias review SO if you have a product that you know we’ll rave about, please contact us with full details.  We can guarantee increased traffic for your review via Facebook, Twitter, blogging and many forums we are apart of.  We are not obligated to give a positive review of your product or service but we will give every effort to do so; if you have a valuable product that will benefit our many readers there should be no reason we would not give a positive review.  Each review given is our opinion as a parent, a spouse and a consumer therefore we will give our honest opinion.  Our review turn around time is 30 days but this is not a guarantee, nor is it a guarantee that we have to write about a received product; we will make the final decision.
It is highly suggested that you offer a giveaway of your product or service in conjunction with your review.  Giveaways increase traffic and exposure for your business and product or service.  You are responsible for shipping the prize(s) and the costs associated with the giveaway, shipping costs or otherwise.  Shipping costs cannot be included in the giveaway prize value.  If a gift code must be used to include shipping charges, you must ensure that there is enough money added to the gift code to cover the giveaway prize value plus the shipping costs.  Giveaway prizes should be mailed within two weeks to remain in good standing.  If the giveaway is only promoted for a specific country, for example only to contestants residing in Canada, please specify this in your initial review request.  Only family-friendly giveaways and reviews are accepted and entrants must be 18 years of age or older.  We reserve the right to refuse any giveaway or review request that we do not feel meets the standards of this family-friendly blog.