Adding Chicken to the Lunch Box

Chicken Lunch Box Ideas

My kids are getting excited to start back to school, seeing friends they haven't seen for the summer and finding out their new teacher is this year is high on their list. I personally think they love having new school supplies and finding out what I … [Read more...]

Ground Chicken Lentil Soup

Ground Chicken Lentil Soup Recipe

We have had very few hot days here in Saskatchewan and those that have been warmer have been exceptionally windy. Just when we finally thought winter was behind us and we could look forward to some nice days, tomorrow marks the longest day-light … [Read more...]

New Peeps More Chicken and Thermos Sweeps

Chicken Farmers of Canada Brand Ambassadors

A year has already gone by since I was asked to be one of the first Chicken Farmers of Canada Brand Ambassadors.  It was an amazing program to be apart of in 2012 and I am more than excited to announce that I have been asked to continue on as part of … [Read more...]

Pregnancy New Year for Healthy Choices

2013 New Year Pregnancy Resolutions

Over the holidays I savored all the tasty foods I had prepared ahead for my company, including several appetizers, dainties and of course, the big meal.  In a span of 3 weeks I had gained 10 lbs. Normally this amount of weight in little time would be … [Read more...]

Call Minister Ritz on his #Movember Challenge

Minister Gerry Ritz Movember Campaign

Last year Minister Ritz, Canadian Agriculture Minister, took the Movember challenge to support mental health and prostate cancer research.  Minister Ritz, known for sporting a quite impressive moustache, helped raised over $15,000 last year in … [Read more...]

Year Round Picnic Ideas and Giveaway

Picnic Ideas

Picnics are a favourite bonding activity for us, whether it's the whole family or a romantic picnic for Hubs and I.  Food and location create the mood for the picnic; the company and details are what make it memorable.  Picnics do not need to be only … [Read more...]

Beet Leaf Chicken Rolls

Beet Leaf Rolls Recipe

I love cabbage rolls but cannot eat them; the cabbage bothers my stomach.  These Beet Leaf Rolls are a tasty alternative to the traditional cabbage rolls and have ingredients I can grab straight from my garden.  Beets are one of my favourite … [Read more...]

Top 5 BBQ Recipes and BBQ Tool Set Sweeps

tropical chicken kabobs recipe

Summer is almost here and most of us are already well into grilling season.  Barbecuing has to be my favourite way to cook meals, even in the dead of winter I have been known to grill up a few of my favourites; there's nothing quite like the mouth … [Read more...]

Cranberry Chicken Avocado Wraps

Cranberry Chicken Avocado Wraps Recipe

Chicken has to be one of my favourite meats to add to meals; it's high in nutrients and delicious too.  Most importantly I am always trying to put together meals my kids will actually eat.  This Cranberry Chicken Avocado Wraps recipe is one of my … [Read more...]