DIY Egg Carton Christmas Bells

Christmas Glitter Bells

Gift giving shouldn't just be about the gift for the recipient; a little thought should be put into the presentation. Obviously a thoughtful gift is always appreciated but personally when I see a gift wrapped in beautiful paper with handmade … [Read more...]

Top Disney Valentines Crafts

Disney Princess Valentine Craft Ideas

Mickey & Minnie Cutie Valentine's Candy Boxes … [Read more...]

DIY Lace Necklace Tutorial


Greetings! I'm Paige from Little Nostalgia, back with another easy tutorial.   To be honest, I'm not really one to follow trends. Neon pants? No thank you. Acid wash denim? Get away from me. But lace? Lace is different. Lace is classic and … [Read more...]

DIY: Chalkboard Vase Tutorial


    An alternate title for this could be, "How To Fix An Oopsie," because I learned from experience that chalkboard paint covers a multitude of sins. So whether you need to hide a weirdly dried patch of silver paint or just turn … [Read more...]

DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

sheet music

  Hi there! I'm Paige from Little Nostalgia, and I'm addicted to buying paper. You can tell by looking anywhere in my office. Obviously there's the stuff in the printer, but also scrapbook paper, card stock, a pile of old books... and some … [Read more...]

O’ Canada Etsy Treasury – Check out these talented Etsy Crafters

Canada Day is coming; help support all our homemade talents and check out some of my Oh Canada Treasury finds at Etsy.  I LOVE, love, love these items and I hope you do too! :) … [Read more...]