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How to Get Over Mommy Guilt

What is the deal with Mommy Guilt? You think it only happens when your kids are babies. So not true!  Every month they change and need you in a different way. And every month we as Moms create new ways to feel guilty.  This is not a new phenomenon either. Mommy guilt has been around the block and back.

As women we second guess ourselves about everything!  Do I have a natural childbirth or use drugs? Should I breastfeed or give them a bottle? Disposable or cloth?  Should I stay at home or work outside the home? And it goes on and on and on. Just as soon as we are feeling good about a decision, doubt creeps in and blows us over like a tornado.

Why do we feel guilty for our decisions?  Is it because we genuinely believe we are making the wrong decision?  Or maybe it’s due to outside opinions on what we are or are not doing.  I think the biggest culprit is judgement of other moms.  “Oh, I’d never do that”, “Did you see her breastfeeding in public?”, “Why did she have kids if she was going to just put them in daycare?”  Ouch!  Have you been on the receiving end of that kind of judgment?  Worse yet, have you been the one passing that kind of judgment?

As women we can be pretty yucky with our words towards others. Instead of naturally identifying with another mom and her struggles we attack, judge and ridicule.  Mommy guilt can be lessened simply by doing one thing…encourage. Encourage another mom around you. Tell her know she is doing a great job. Tell her that her child will be just fine. Can you imagine what a different world we would have if every mom tried that?  Guilt comes so naturally for so many.  It is an uphill battle in general; now add the questionable job of mothering into the mix and you have the perfect guilt storm!

You can always talk to your pediatrician about your doubts. There are some amazing parenting books. There are web sites and forums like or out there where you can find moms that are like minded.  Share your thoughts and ideas, talk it out and bounce them off another trusted mom.  Sometimes that is all we need to rid ourselves of the self-doubt and guilt.

As a mom you need to remember that your heart is in the right place. Weigh the options, say a little prayer and then let go.  Say goodbye to mommy guilt for good!

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