This Lil Piglet


Just a quick update…

1.  My daughter has recently had surgery; a tonsilectomy that happened to be a short notice booking due to a cancelation so I have been tied up with that.  2.  Previous to that we have been having a heck of a time with our house build which I will be blogging about hopefully by next week with pictures.  3.  Of course Christmas is coming so I threw in a 2 day shopping trip to the states for Black Friday…holy nuts but my son especially will be one happy boy when he opens his laptop that I stood in line for at 5:00 am for an hour in order to get a huge discount.  The things a mom does for her kiddos. 

4.  Also, I have a few more review and giveaway’s I’d like to wrap up this week and post them here on the blog for all you followers.  Keep watch for those; you won’t want to miss them…..

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