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House Framing – Progress

The progress of our house build has been a slow one.  We have had so many delays and to top it all off this winter has offered terrible conditions for building causing even more delays.  Pictured here is the walkout basement ICF foundation with the walkout part framed in and main floor joists on. 
As you can see there is a mountain of snow which incidentally had already been snow blown out on more than one occasion.  This makes it very difficult for my husband to build our house in a timely manner.  I am soooo ready for this winter to be over!
I’m pictured all in black above, my husband is bent over nailing the floor on and if you can see our eldest daughter climbing up just below him, she’s blending in a little.  The picture isn’t the best; it was snowing and somewhat of a blizzard….brrrr.
Here is our house to date, the main floor is nearly framed in completely with the only wall left to build being the back wall of the house which is mainly windows, similar to the basement walkout frame.  The bottom foot of the walls will be boarded as well, this was left so that the walls were easier to stand.  The walls were built on the floor and raised into position after. 
The rest of the main floor and the 2nd floor joists placement should be finished by next week, weather permiting.  I will be sure to post our progress as we go.  Cross your fingers for us that we will have decent weather, mainly with little to no wind, for the rest of our build.  These -20 degrees celcius temperatures with the windchill bringing it to -34 or worse is crazy; I have no idea how my husband can stand it.  I was out there in those temperatures to get an idea of room locations and size for no more than 5 minutes and my forhead was nearly froze through; I tried to kiss my husband and couldn’t feel my lips.  I pray he can get the rest of the house framed in quickly so that he at least has some protection from the elements and has a place he can put a heater to get warm.

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