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House Progress – Main Floor Framed

Here’s a brief update of the house progress.  I thought I’d include a slideshow to show you some of the work and the awesome(sarcasm) weather we’ve been having.  My husband, bless his heart, has been working his little tush off to get this house moving along and has been fighting the wind, snow and extreme cold all the way along.  The balmy weather picture, is a view of what the elements have been like, usually worse.  I’m sure you can imagine how easy this has been; nothing seems to go well. 
Just when we think it might start warming up around here, last night we had freezing rain that covered everything in an inch of ice, temperatures drop to -20 celcius again and the wind is ruthless.  I thought hubs was nuts working out there today but I suppose if he waited until nicer weather or little to no wind, he`d never get the house done.  The good thing is that spring isn`t too far away; hopefully the terrible winter we`ve had means we`re going to be blessed with a decent spring and summer with sunny windless days. 

Hubs ran into a snag when he placed the 2nd floor beam into place and realized the joists were built wrong (out 8 inches).  The architect had the wrong measurements written on our blueprints and this is what the company who made our beams and floor joists went off of.  This is not the first mistake we have found the architect to have made and I`m sure it won`t be the last.  You would think when you spend that kind of money onplans that there would not be this many mistakes.  Regardless, we are making progress.  As the pictures do show, we are still on Framing but the main floor is now framed in and hubs just finished securing all the 2nd floor joists.  This weekend he`ll be working on laying the floor and then onto framing the 2nd floor walls next week.  When he finished the main floor he asked me if it was too late to make it into a bungalow.  Hahaha…He`s the one that kept having the architect change the plans to make the house bigger; he can only blame himself.

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