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Tabasco Original Red Sauce Gives my Food That Extra Kick

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everyone knows all about TABASCO® Original Red sauce, after all it has been around since the Mcllhenny family introduced it back in 1868.  Although Tabasco has introduced five other sauces on the market since then, the Tabasco Original Red sauce is still their most popular purchased sauce out of the six.  I specifically use the original red sauce for most of my cooking from basic recipes such as scrambled eggs and hash browns to more complex recipes such as meat marinades and my all time favorite recipe, Buffalo Wings. 

Although the Tabasco website has a recipe for Buffalo Wings using Blue cheese dressing, I prefer to use Ranch myself. Ranch dressing mixed with just the right amount of Tabasco Original Red sauce, smothered over the juiciest chicken wings are a favorite in this household.  My eldest daughter is super picky when it comes to food and this happens to be one of her favorite foods.  I specifically make mild wings for the kids so Tabasco Original Red sauce is the perfect ingredient to enhance the flavor and for the adults, I add even more for that extra kick.  It’s all about the amount of sauce you use in your recipe; add a little to enhance an already great recipe or add a lot to spice up your plate.

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Another great trick I have is to add Tabasco Original Red into my pizza sauce when making my homemade pizzas.  This little trick isn’t to make the pizza more spicy, combined with the essential spices and extra cheese, it adds unique flavor to the sauce and enhances the pizzas overall taste.  I always get compliments from my homemade savory pizzas.

For more simple ways to use Tabasco Original Red with your pizza recipes, visit Pizza Perfected 

I’d like to point out that although my husband and I are not big drinkers, we do occasionally enjoy the odd cocktail.  Our favorite cocktail is the Caesar; most Canadians know what this is and possibly a lot of Americans but if you do not know it is similar to a Bloody Mary.  A regular Caesar uses white rum and Clamato juice (instead of tomato juice like the Bloody Mary).

My Caesar Recipe:

 Using a short glass rub the rim of the glass with a lemon or lime wedge and swirl the rim around in Caesar rimming spice ( if you can’t buy this spice salt works well). Fill the glass halfway with ice. Add 1 shot of lime/lemon flavored white rum (Limon), add 4 drops of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco Original Red to taste (usually 3 or 4 drops for me) and fill the remainder of the glass with Clamato juice.  Give the drink a good stir and add a celery stalk or the garnish of your choice (my favorite garnish for this cocktail is a pickled spicy green bean or a pickled asparagus).  In my opinion, the combination of Tabasco Original Red and the lime flavored rum is so much better than the regular Caesar recipe.  If you like Caesar’s, try this combination; you will not be disappointed.  The best part is by simply adding more or less Tabasco Original Red, you change the drink to suit your taste buds.  From flavor enhancing to spicy; it’s your choice.

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