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Back to School for the Kids Tomorrow & Sanity for Me

Where did the weekend go?  Either time is really moving quicker or the older I get, the quicker it seems to go.  For my kids, minus baby girl, it’s of to the Dentist at 8 am for their annual cleaning and checkup.  Last the dentist looked at their teeth, he mentioned that Mr. Man(12) and Miss Priss(my 10 yr old daughter) both might need braces…eek!  We’ll see how that all plays out tomorrow. 

Missing even a morning of school is hard on my son when it comes to getting behind in school.  My son has wonderful grades but he works hard at achieving this standard.  After next year Mr. Man will be in highschool, his workload will only become heavier and he’ll have to work harder at achieving the standard he has set for himself, eventually the possibility of ACT Tutoring to prepare for SAT’s might be required, especially if he wants to continue his extra-curricular activites that he is accustom to.  He even mentioned that he wants to “try out” for the Tier hockey team next year which will involve a lot more practice and game time, including a lot more travel time which worries me that he might have a hard time balancing this with his school work.  No matter how Mr. Man reaches his grade standard the point is that I know he will work hard to get there and I will be proud of every hurdle he has overcome along the way.
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