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My New Getaway Room

I was walking through my new master bedroom today at the new house to get a sense of size, furniture placement and decorating ideas and told Hubs that the walk-in closet was a little too large and overpowering the space.  Can you believe I said that?  My wardrobe is far from grand and definitely not enough to fill that closet so why waste the space.  Hubs figures he’d like to put an island with drawers in the center of the closet with a bench so we can sit and pull on our socks, pants and the like.  This would be a nice feature but not at the cost of intruding into my reading space.  Hubs doesn’t realize that my intended reading nook in our master bedroom will be my salvation, my getaway.  I should have suspected as much, Hubs isn’t much of a reader; I on the other hand am an avid reader and enjoy relaxing with a good book.  Currently I am on book 5 of a 7 series novel set, each books pages number around 1000 or more.  Hubs absolutely hates when I’m laying beside him with what he calls a “spot light” on reading; it’s just a reading light attached to our headboard…it is quite bright and I can’t say that I’m very fond of it either. All the more reason to have my own reading nook where I can curl up in a cozy chair with the perfect reading light. 

The overall feel of my style is modern contemporary with a big splash of comfortable and a little glitz here and there.  We have a queen size high headboard style bed frame in espresso with layers of bedding ranging in high thread count sheets complimenting the down filled duvet and cover in subtle blues and creams with pillows piled high to match. I’ve been looking through the various table lamps available on the market to compliment my special nook and the printed fabric chair I have envisioned. 

I fell in love with the Fascination lamp in silver with crystal accents.  My current obsession with chandelier style lights might have something to do with why this is my favorite.  Another favorite of mine is the Meena lamp in clear blue glass and silver accents.

Hubs would say I’m getting ahead of myself because in reality our bedroom has only the interior walls framed in.  I do not see a problem with planning ahead; decorating our new home will come sooner than we think.  I have no problems putting things together in a room for an overall designer (but lived in) feel but I am not an interior decorator so it takes me a little time to get everything together.  For me, planning is a good idea.

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