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I’m sure many of you may have noticed this cute little image on my sidebar recently.  I recently received a Lovable Labels package to  tell my readers about.  Yesterday, I received a call from my kids school Principal to inform me that my children can now stay at school for their lunch program which I will post about shortly.  This Lovable Labels information couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. 

These bag tags would look so cute labeling my kids lunch bags.  I now have to scramble to find nutritious lunchbox meals for everyday of the week.  Any ideas?  Maybe I’ll do a series on Lunchbox meals…hmmm, my mind is working overtime.

With the end of the school year quickly coming up, I thought this Teacher Gift Pack from Lovable Labels would be the perfect Teacher gift, for both the current teachers to thank the Teachers for all the work they’ve done over the last school and for the new teachers and new school year.  What a unique idea and something most teachers will not have received as a gift from their students.

With summer coming there will be many kids going off to camp, be it day camp or away camp.  The camp label pack is the perfect addition to a child’s camp experience to ensure there is no confusion on what belongs to whom and all of the child’s items come back home.

I thought these were the cutest idea; labels for your toddlers shoes.  What an easy way to teach your toddler which shoe belongs to what foot.  Color coded and label detailed, your child will remember and if their shoes ever get misplaced they are marked with your phone number and name or easy return.

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