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Kinderville Feeding and Storage Solutions Review

As a mom I am always concerned about the products I use with my family and am always on the look out for safe alternatives.  With all the toxins or chemicals being found in more of the products we as families use, the reality of it is disturbing as a parent.  Not too long ago I made a pledge to my family and myself that I would seek out and use more natural and/or nontoxic products and foods whenever possible.  Some of the ways I have made changes are by planting our own organic garden with plans of adding only organically fed animals to our farm and to use reusable items whenever possible.

Recently Kinderville was kind enough to send me samples of their feeding and storage solutions to review.  The first thing I noticed, besides the cute logo of course, was the bright colors used in their products, a great way to stimulate the visual senses of the child.  The second thing I observed was the texture of the silicone, a soft rubber like material that I feel comfortable giving to even the smallest of our family, our soon to be 1 year old Baby Girl.  Baby Girl is teething and is just learning how to eat off her own plates and drink out of her own cups; these are perfect for her.  It seems that the silicone feels good on her gums; I don’t mind letting her munch away on the rim of her cup because I know Kinderville products are made of Silicone, a material that is hygienic, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. Silicone is a natural non-toxic material that it does not contain Bisphenol-A, lead and phthalates such as other plastic made products.


Once the kids started taking lunches to school I realized how much waste could end up in our landfill if I didn’t choose to take my part in our environment.  One easy way to do this is by only using reusable containers.   The problem with containers in a lunch bag is the lack of room.  I always pack nutritious home made lunches with contents that vary throughout the week, so as not to bore the kids.  The Kinderville storage jars are perfect for the kids lunches.  The bigger bites storage jars are great for salads where the little bites storage jars are better for smaller portions such as cottage cheese.  The first day I used the Kinderville products I sent the kids each a portion of cottage cheese in the little bites storage containers in their lunch; I was worried that the top might come off, leaking all over their lunch bag.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the top suctioned to the container; the kids found it funny and made a game of it.  Needless to say, there were no spills or leakage during the hours it took to get from point A to point B, an amazing feat given that we all know how rough kids can be on their things.  The key is not to overfill the container so that the silicone can get a good suction connection between the lid and container.


I found the little bites plates and bigger bites divider plates to be excellent for portioning off Baby Girls foods and observed them to be heavier than an average plastic plate making it more difficult for her to throw the plate off her highchair, a new game of hers by the way. 🙂  One up for mom!  One other thing I found these products great for, although probably not intended for originally, is motor-skill development.  I have been looking around the house for items or toys that we already have to use when I start Baby Girl in Tot School.  Not only are the little bites storage containers perfect for stacking, the primary colors of Kinderville products are a perfect visual stimulant.

I thought these little bites popsicle molds were adorable.  I make my own natural fruit juice pops and yogurt pops using these molds.  The kids love to use the molds because the popsicles are not as cold on their hands, like plastic packaging is, it`s non-toxic, they can easily squish out the popsicle as they are eating it and most importantly, they are healthy, natural and home made.

All Kinderville products are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe; for me this is a huge time saver!The Kinderville products are great for daily use at home but they would also excellent for any child who takes snacks or lunch to preschool or daycare.  I would even recommend the storage containers to be used for adult lunches for work, great for portion control, or picnic events for things such as fruit or veggie dips. All in all, I found Kinderville food storage and feeding solution products to be exactly what I was looking for in terms of non-toxic, kid friendly, environment friendly and in this household, lunchbox friendly.
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