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Munchies Lunch Game Review and Giveaway CLOSED

Congratulations to winner/comment #15, Debbi!

I’ve never been a big gamer.  My husband and children on the other hand get sucked into games with hardly a second thought.  I tried out the Munchies’ Lunch game and quickly decided that I wanted to see what the husband and kids thought.  You see, I’m big on competition but strategy is where I struggle.  The game is a great way of helping the user learn to plan moves carefully before making any actual moves.  I’d be lying if I told you I was a winner in this game.  Sure, I made it through the first 10 levels of the first game quiet easily, after that, I was being gobbled up faster than I could make my strategic moves.  

The children however, they didn’t even need the instructions.  The instructions are extremely straightforward and obviously I should have read them a little better.  However, my adorable little children didn’t need the directions; they were grabbing fruit and dissolving monsters fast and furious. One of my reasons for not getting interested in games comes strictly from the fact that once I get started, I have no idea when enough is enough and give it up.  Unfortunately, my husband and children are the same way.  

After I gave the game a try, I handed it over to my husband who could barely play for the boys lurking over his shoulders begging for a chance to try it.  He has a much stronger drive in competition and refused to hand the game over until he had conquered at least one full set.  Finally, after much prodding, he let the boys give it a try.  The very children who were awake at 6 AM this morning asking if they could give it a try again, were the most successful players in the house. 

So, what is so addictive about the game?  The fact that it a game of strategy and planning makes it a great game for anyone who simply likes to encourage disciplined thought process.  Indeed, it may seem hard to imagine that a game where Munchie is trying to gobble up food while avoiding the monsters seems like an obvious choice for children, go ahead and give it a try, I will almost guarantee that you feel addicted and don’t want to hand it over to the youngsters.  

The general rule of thumb is to get Munchie as many pieces of fruit as possible while preventing the monsters from filling their bellies.  You have the chance to have the monsters eat jalapenos to destroy them so you can easily get to the fruit.  Unfortunately, if Munchie gets a hold of those hot peppers, the quest for fruit ends and you must start over.  

Munchies Lunch was developed by Vlado Jokic who spent his time learning from his own parent’s courage, strength, endurance and unconditional love.  The inventor and developers based the game on the mother figure that helped her children strive for success.  You can join the team of developers on their Facebook Page as well as in their Twitter Feed.  The best part of Munchies Lunch is the inexpensive cost for hours of fun.  The system currently runs on Windows and can be purchased for $5.99 and you can use the much loved PayPal to make your purchase. 

One lucky Winner will receive a Munchies Lunch game of their own for FREE! 

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