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Birthday Bash – Giveaway (12) Vamplets Doll with Blood

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A BIG thank you goes out to Vamplets for sponsoring this giveaway as part of the Birthday Bash event…

Vampires are a guilty pleasure of mine,whether it be the old vampire movies or the newest Twilight fan craze it seems that I am not alone in that.  When I came across these baby Vamplets I could not resist the chance to review these unique dolls.  Vamplets aren’t like any other doll, as I’m sure you can tell, they are plush baby Vampires, unique with their own names and personalities.  I can’t say that you will prefer their personalities, they tend to be a little on the cranky side but silly and I’m sure will make you giggle nonetheless.

Miss Priss and Squeakers had a blast looking through the box of Vamplets, reading all about each one and choosing their favorites (Count Vlad Von Gloom & Midnight Mori) all decked out in a private cardboard coffin and bottle of disappearing bottle of blood.  I wasn’t so sure the coffins would be as big a hit as they were, being that they were just cardboard box packaging, but my girls refuse to throw out the box and insist on using them as their Vamplets beds.  They even whipped out their sewing kit and made their Vamplets a pillow and blanket of their own.  Now when they go to bed at night, we have to make sure their Vamplets are fed a bottle of disappearing blood  then tucked in their coffins before they will go to bed themselves, just like I would do for Baby Girl.  It’s really cute actually.  I thought Baby Girl might be scared about the doll but the Vamplet is not scary, it’s a cute vampire, if there ever was one. It makes me giggle when I see Baby Girl walking around the house dragging her Lily Rose Shadowlyn Vamplet with her by it’s bat accessorized ponytail. 

Each Vamplet plush doll is made from a soft fleece material, the ponytails and bat or spider accessories are securely sewn in the design of the doll.  Each Vamplet has “black circles” under their eyes (colored in green, pink, blue), has a especially “toothy” smile and comes in it’s own designer Vampire diaper with a “Bad” bracelet sewn onto the arm of the Vamplet, all added touches.  The disappearing bottle of blood can be purchased separately.  These bottles work similar to other play doll disappearing bottles of milk, the difference is that they are filled with a red liquid, comparable to the look of blood, a must have when adopting a Vamplet. 

Not surprisingly these Vamplets were a HUGE hit with the girls at the Birthday Bash party.  The older folks, minus a couple grandma’s, were even enticed by these horrifically cute baby Vamplets.  I had a lot of “what are those?” and “where did you get these?” which of course I was more than happy to disclose.  Although my 3 and 4 year old nieces loved their new Vamplet dolls, their mom wasn’t so thrilled about the idea of a bottle of disappearing bottle of blood so we just told the girls it was strawberry juice instead and everyone was happy.

Since the Birthday Bash party, I have heard from some moms about how much their kids love the Vamplets and want to purchase the full collection.  Squeakers loves her Midnight Mori Vamplet so much she has already taken it for a sleepover and to show and tell at school.  Her friends are very interested in these little scary babies and have been bugging their moms to purchase their very own Vamplet too.

About the Product

Lily Rose Shadowlyn
She is surprisingly well behaved for a baby Vampyre. She plays well and shares with others, not a trait normally found in Vamplets. Although Lily Rose is sweet she has a dark side. She will smile and hug you then bite you thinking nothing is wrong with that. If she appears exceptionally sweet and loving…be careful when approaching her! She can fly into fits of rage when denied her hugs and “Vampyre kisses” which can be lethal! At all times have on hand a jar of Poison Black Apple Sauce…unsweetened. This is her favorite treat and should calm her down immediately. Lily Rose Shadowlyn is 10 inches tall.


Midnight Mori in Coffin
She is bossy and wants her way. A true baby Vampyre leader. Never tell her no! You will regret it. Midnight is aggressive, constantly annoyed, restless. She does not like to stay put nor sleep. Have a pretty pink stuffed pony or unicorn on hand at all times. If a state of restless aggression occurs place the aforementioned stuffed toy in front of her. She will instantly become terrified and immobile. This will keep her in her crib until she can be safely tucked into her coffin where she will rest during the day! Midnight Mori is 9.5 inches tall.

 Count Vlad Von Gloom
He is descended from a direct line that dates back to Count Dracula. Therefore he is arrogant…he’s royalty after all! He is never full when fed. Keep a full warm bottle of blood handy at all times. This is a warning! Vlad is totally fussy about his appearance. A stray drop of blood on his diaper can cause a tantrum. If a tantrum occurs quickly place him on his bed of nails. This is a favorite among his many torture device playthings. Count Vlad Von Gloom is 8 inches tall.


Disappearing Bottle of Blood
If your Vamplet gets hungry, you’ll want the VampletsVamplet! When it’s tipped back upright, the “blood” returns.

One lucky winner will receive a Vamplet and a bottle of disappearing blood of their very own!
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