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Birthday Bash – Giveaway (6) Secret Circle CLOSED

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A BIG thank you goes out to Senario for sponsoring this giveaway as part of the Birthday Bash event…

Miss Priss and Squeakers are ages 10 and 9 and really starting to be interested in the social aspects of the computer and the internet.  Having an older brother, 12, who is always chatting online with his pals from school, naturally the girls also want to do the same with their friends.  When I grew up we had dial up internet, oh how painful that was and how far the connection speeds have come.  There was no Facebook or Twitter or the like at the time, at least from what I remember.  I don’t believe any teenager should be socializing on these sites without supervision, in my opinion.  In fact I really have a hard time allowing  my 12 year old on the computer without me hovering over his shoulder to make sure he’s not doing anything he shouldn’t be.  It’s partially a trust thing but mostly I feel kids can easily get themselves into trouble without really knowing what they’ve gotten themselves into.  I don’t know how many friends of my sons I have seem who list their personal details on their profiles, like where they are going to be located that day or their cell phone numbers.  I have talked to my kids about being very private when it comes to the internet, never give out names, locations, numbers, school, teams, or anything else that could allow someone to easily track them down.  The thought of that is terrifying to me as a parent.

When I received My Secret Circle BFF pack to review as part of the Birthday Bash gift bag items, I was thrilled to see a product focused on the “tween” age group in the internet driven society that we are all apart of.  Depending on how a person uses social media determines if it will be a good experience or a bad experience.  

My Secret Circle™ is an online social networking world that allows girls aged 8-12 to create their own private community and social circles.  Each My Secret Circle™ access key offers access to a journal, instant messaging, games, photo sharing and voice chat (with a My Secret Circle Voice-Chat Headset™, sold separately). 

In order to become friends and build a circle, each girl must have their own My Secret Circle™ access key and exchange a unique charm code with other My Secret Circle™ members through the private invitation system or in person only.  The best part about this system is that you can see in your friends circle once your invite has added to the system and once the unique invitation charm code is used once it cannot be used again.  Beyond the My Secret Circle™ access key, there are never any subscription charges or additional fees.  

Where online gaming and social networking sites have threatened our children’s safety, My Secret Circle offers parents ease of mind and a sense of security. For me, My Secret Circle is added protection against the dangers of the internet but I will still be vigilant and keep watch over what my kids are doing online.

One lucky winner will receive a My Secret Circle BFF Pack!!!
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**Giveaway ends 11:59 pm CST on June 15th, 2011. Open to US and Canada!**
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