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Zoara 4th of July $140 Diamond Pendant Giveaway

Sparkly and dazzling, and no I’m not just talking about 4th of July fireworks, I’m talking about the $140 diamond heart pendant Zoara’s giving away, absolutely free!

So, OK, who in their right mind would give away a pricey diamond encrusted jewelry piece for free? Apparently Zoara Inc. a fabulous diamond jewelry site would! I was actually browsing Zoara’s online site looking for a cute pair of diamond studs after I saw this gorgeous pair on my bff and she told me she had gotten her earrings from their site when I stumbled across their incredible 4th of July diamond heart pendant giveaway.

Apparently, you don’t even have to be a Zoara customer to apply for their giveaway. All you have to do is LIKE the site on facebook. No signing up to their site, no handing over your personal info, and most importantly, no fee is required so basically you can get a GORGEOUS diamond heart pendant of your very own, no strings attached. You can imagine I immediately signed up for the giveaway and now I just want to spread the word to all of you ladies out there who, like me, firmly believe that the best kind of jewelry is the free kind!

You can visit the actual site and learn more about their 4th of July giveaway by clicking on Be sure to check out their other giveaway raffles, like their cool December Christmas raffle and look up their discounts like their great student and military discounts, so that you can get a great discount on an amazing piece of jewelry.

** This was a paid post, brought to you by Zoara.  This Lil Piglet did not receive any product for this giveaway.**

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