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DIY Home Construction – Theatre Room

We’ve been thinking a lot about the house and the behind the scene details that you never really see.  Before the drywall was put on, Hubs, being an electrician, had the wiring and cable planned out for each room of the house.  When I took a look, I was overwhelmed to say the least.  There were speaker wires, electrical wires and cables ed through the rafters and the walls everywhere.  When I took a closer look, there was a method to Hubs madness and I could see that he had really thought out where the wiring would all end up at the control panels.

Our mechanical room is located beside our theatre room in the basement of the house, or at least it will be once we get to that point in the DIY home construction build.  For the home theatre and gaming systems, of which we have a few with a 12 year old boy in the house, we will only use HDMI optimized cables.  These cables are specially designed for high-def video/audio signals for home theater applications supporting all formats including 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 1440p.   Older cables, such as VGA Cable were often used for computer monitors; defining VGA would be to provide a resolution of 720 by 400 pixels.

Hubs is the type of person to do things right the first time.  Not only is it easier to install before the walls are enclosed, we will all be happy with the resolution the HDMI cables provide for our viewing pleasure.  HDMI cables can be used on any updated home theatre or gaming system at any time; the graphics resolution is noticeably better with upgraded cables such as the optimized HDMI cables.

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