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DIY House Progress

I know I have not updated in awhile about our house progress but we have just been soooo busy.  I am busy writing other content for the blog, taking care of the house we currently live in and carting the kids here, there and everywhere and Hubs has been in charge of taking pictures of the house progress.  Hubs is at the site regularly, I am not.  Right now Hubs is doing the drywall so I am not taking Baby Girl out there as much, mostly because of the dust.  It’s filthy for Baby Girl and I end up running after her the entire time, constantly worrying that she’ll get hurt.  Recently I have been staying home because it’s easier on her and me.  Hubs likes when I come out to keep him company, bring dinners and so on but I have had a harder time with sticking around for too long, given the phase of construction.  For another thing, I have allergies; with the dust I end up a complete wreck.

Some rooms have now been primed and ready for paint.  We picked out our paint colors the other night and bought the wallpaper for the office.  What do you think?

Honestly I was leaning towards lime green like this:

But Hubs was a party pooper and gave me the thumbs down.  by the way, we are not doing the entire office in that wallpaper, just a feature wall with complementary paint on the other walls.  For furniture I would like to get a dark wood freestanding desk, not a desk unit, big comfy office chair, accent decor and a light fixture with a little bling factor, similar to this picture.  Notice the green?!

The office it directly off the front entry so I wanted a little extra wow factor for that space.  Hubs has installed a tonne of pot lights, as you can see by all the holes in the ceiling, but I also want fixtures that will accent the decor of each room.  To show you what style I am looking for for the office and our master bedroom (not the same but similar style), this is the one I chose for the dining room:

As for the rest, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the design aspects.  I am by no means an interior designer but I do know what style I like; it’s a start.  Pinterest is a wonderful place to find ideas.  If you have a designer bone in your body, I’d love to hear your ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

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