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Giveaways Using Rafflecopter

I’m excited to announce that This Lil Piglet and Family Approve will be using Rafflecopter for the upcoming Social Picnic Giveaway Blog Hop event.  If you have not had the luxury of using Rafflecopter for giveaway’s so far, you are in for a treat.  Rafflecopter is a giveaway service that makes running and entering giveaways a lot easier and uses a lot less time; it’s completely convenient for everyone involved.  I will not be using Rafflecopter for current giveaways that are already running but once those wrap up, I will be using Rafflecopter for future giveaways.

This Lil Piglet is taking part in the Like and Win Social Battle hosted by Simply Stacie and Macobi Scribe July 17-24th where whoever refers the most entrants does not have to contribute to the prize, of course I’d love if you’d all mention that I referred you when you enter to win the giveaway items.  The Rafflecopter script is already posted on my other Facebook page and will open at the designated time. Keep in mind that you may be able to use Rafflecopter with a different browser, like FireFox.  I use IE usually and I have no problems viewing Rafflecopter so if you have trouble, try using a different browser.  Some slower connections might have a harder time because Rafflecopter runs on a script but you should have no problems using it if your system is up-to-date.  Also, the giveaway, no matter how many places it’s posted (Facebook or blog) collects the same answers so you do not need to enter in both places; it’s simply posted both places to make it more convenient for all of our readers.

Here’s an example of how it will work:

As you can see in the image, all of the listed blogs are offering the prize beside their blog name.  As with any Rafflecopter giveaway, the prizes are listed first, with the number (“x 1” in this case) of prizes per item listed.

Next the ways you can enter are listed, the entries so far and the time left of the giveaway.  As you see here this giveaway has not started yet, therefore there are no entries yet.  Each way to enter will give you a quick link to follow (GFC, Twitter, Facebook, etc), if you do this you will gain a number of entries into the giveaway.  The amount of entries per ways to enter are listed beside the task, as you can see in the image below, each way to enter will give you (+1) entry into the giveaway (this is usually the standard but there may be more than one entry; if there is more than one, this is automatically done for you so there is no more placing a timely string of blog comments to complete your entries).

At the end you will see the terms of the contest/giveaway listed (an example of this is in the image below).  This does not mean that will be the only place to read the rules; usually a blog post will mention the details of the giveaway but given the easy way Rafflecopter runs rules can be limited more easily.  You do not have to enter all of them unless the rules of the giveaway state this (in this case, you must enter all ways in order to win).  Make sure you read the rules before starting down the list of ways to enter and in no time, or literally next to no time at all, you will be entered into the giveaway using all entries possible.
*Not all blogs are invited to use Rafflecopter yet because it is still in it’s early days but you will see it being used more often from here on.  Have fun with it; I hope you enjoy using Rafflecopter as much as I do!

6 comments on “Giveaways Using Rafflecopter”

  1. This sounds fun.

  2. This sounds GREAT!

  3. Be careful. It violates Facebooks terms. Looks cool but you page could get taken down.

    • I don’t use Rafflecopter on Facebook anyway, only my blog, but if you are not holding the giveaway on Facebook it does not violate FB terms.

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