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I’m Melting

It’s been a sweltering 30 degree’s here for most of the week.  I should not be complaining because the majority of our weather in the year involves colder weather, especially the winter months.  This house seems to be just as hot or warmer at times than the outside.  
We have fans running and leave the windows open at night but the placement of the windows on this house are located in places that do not seem to pick up the breeze from outside so they are pretty much useless.  My in-laws do not have air conditioning but their house keeps cool all summer as if they did have air conditioning.
Last year we had air conditioning which helped make it bearable inside the house.  At the end of the season our air conditioner died and we decided that we would not repair air conditioner because we are moving into the new house and do not want to put the money into the old house.  If only we were already in the new house, the heat would not be a problem.

How are you enjoying your summer?  Are you struggling with a heat wave and if so, how are you keeping cool this summer?  Have you had to repair your air conditioner this year?

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