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My Baby is Annoying

Baby Girl enjoying the paddling pool with Daddy; check out his farmer tan.  LOL!
Baby Girl is my sweet pea and I love her with all of my heart.  She makes me experience so many emotions throughout the day that I’m starting to feel a little unstable.  I can go from laughing to wanting to pull my hair out in a heartbeat.  This little sweet pea has a wee bit of a temper with a dash of stubborn streak. 

Lately she has really been testing out her personality and by that I mean, I think she’s starting the terrible two’s early or maybe it’s just that I’m getting older and not as energetic as I was with my other 3 kiddos in my twenties.  At just 14 months, she’s already started throwing herself on the floor and shrieking, even in stores, when she doesn’t get something she wants.  She constantly demands things and persists until she’s in full temper tantrum mode OR I give in.  I rarely give in, a bit of a stubborn steak myself (must be where she gets it from LOL).  You would think the girl would forget about something, nope!  She has a memory like an elephant for goodness sakes; it’s kind of annoying.  I am sure she understands most of what I tell her because she will point at or go to things I’m talking about and grunt but refuses to talk.  Can we say lazy?!  I know she’s capable because she has said words before, okay, okay, only SOME words…two or three.  This is partially my fault I know because I should make her say things before I hand over whatever it is she wants.  When she was younger, Hubs taught her sign language.  *shakes fist in the air*  Really, he only taught her the word “more” in sign language so that’s all she did f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  It seems cute, at first, but when she sits there saying the same thing over and over…and over, annoying!  Now she’s graduated to snapping her fingers while grunting when she wants something, like I’m her personal slave or something.  At first, I thought it was cute and smart of her that she changed her game plan.  She must have caught on that she was annoying me and her sign language moves were no longer working her magic on me.  Then, after doing this same gesture over and over…and over; did I mention she has a memory like an elephant?  *scanning back* Yes I did.  Annoying!
What this post is really about is the admission that my baby, Baby Girl, is a clinger.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  Right?  *awkward silence*  I can’t really blame her; I have been her sidekick, attached at her hip since her birth.  Hubs hasn’t been around much, due to the building of our house and I stay home with her so she has never had to go to daycare.  Heck, I have never left her with a babysitter, besides my mother-in-law less times than I can count on one hand.  Now I pay the price when she refuses to go to anyone else, clings to me when we are out visiting family or friends.  And IF they have dogs, forget about being allowed to ever put her down, even for two seconds….annoying!  We have a dog, a big 200 lb fluffy one but he stays outdoors.  Baby Girl is fine when the dog keeps it’s distance but most often the dog will at least come up for a sniff…from there everything goes downhill, she clings to me like a baby monkey gripped onto my shirt and will not remove herself until we leave the location.  
By the way, I do not keep her sheltered.  I take her in public, to stores, to friends; we often visit family, mostly my in-laws, and even though she sees them almost daily, she rarely will allow them to pick her up or go to them willingly.  Just for once I would love for her to let up on her demands of me.  How selfish can she be?!  I was watching Dr. Phil a week or so ago and the best words of advice he gave to a teen girl, trying to get pregnant because she thought the baby would make her feel “loved” (don’t get me started on this), was “Baby’s are selfish”.  This statement is very true and rightfully so…

Okay, in all seriousness, I do not think my Baby is annoying BUT can’t a girl get a break?  Right…us moms do not get breaks.  I love that she loves me THISSSSSSSSSSSS much but sometimes I wouldn’t mind a bath by myself or my bed to myself for even a few minutes…please Baby Girl? Pleassssse!  *insert crazy lady laughing here*  The funny and ironic part is that if she were to stay overnight at grandma’s I would probably be a complete wreck.

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