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Triberr Benefits Bloggers

If you have not heard of Triberr yet and you’re a blogger, you must be living under a rock.  For the rest of you, the newbies OR bloggers that just don’t know enough about Triberr yet, let me enlighten you.  ๐Ÿ™‚
Triberr is a FREE service that allows others to publish your new posts on Twitter automatically and vice versa.  Why would you want to do this?  To reach a larger audience than you already have.  You cannot “join” Triberr, you must first be “invited” by another member.  If you are a newbie and would like an invitation, let me know and I will send you an invite.  I’m specifically looking for bloggers who regularly post in the categories of DIY/New House Construction/Renos, DIY Crafts and Blogging Tutorials but I will consider other bloggers.  ๐Ÿ™‚
Once you are invited and accept the invitation, you will appear in the group, called a “tribe”, you were invited into.  You will also have 3 other empty tribes that you are the “Chief” of, titled with absurd names which you can change to suit the type of tribe you want to create.  You’ll want to think about your target audience before naming these tribes and inviting people to join the tribe.  Typically Triberr staggers new posts in 40-120 minute intervals so you do not have to worry about getting bogged down by one members tweets however, you could have a member who posts a lot each day and you will see more of their tweets.  You can group your members in each designated tribe by how much they post each day, each week, each month; comparably you can group members by location or category, as mentioned above.  You may want to group members by area when they are only targeting geographically and a broad audience does not benefit them, of course this does not benefit you until your post are targeting that area as well.  This goes back to my point about making sure to plan out your tribes before inviting people.  You are only allowed 3 free tribes with 7 members each.  Also, if you are tweeting out posts will not benefit the majority of your audience due to one of your invited members not benefiting the tribe, your target audience may unfollow you altogether.
In an attempt at avoiding double-tweeting, you cannot be a member of multiple tribes or invite people who are already a member of Triberr. Recently Triberr added “inbreeding” (think clean, this is a family friendly blog people).  Inbreeding is when people who are already members of other tribes cross-tweet.  Triberr makes all attempts to avoid double-tweeting with members who are inbreeding.  Why would you want to inbreed?  A larger audience reach, as mentioned above.  Although you may post to the same feeds as some members, other members maybe be part of other tribes you could not reach without the bonus of inbreeding.  Inbreeding can only be unlocked for a tribe once it reaches 3 members, you can use bones (explained later) to buy member spots in an attempt to make your tribe larger.
If you are worried about double-tweeting or do not want certain posts being tweeted out by your tribe members, you can manually go in and pause or delete the tweet completely.  If it doesn’t make sense to tweet out a certain post to a certain tribe or a post has expired (say a weekly blog hop or giveaway is over for example) then it’s a good idea to go into that tribe under the stream and pause or delete the scheduled tweet.  This will prevent your tweet from going out anymore; if you decide that one tweet that you paused should go back into the stream later, you can unpause.
Eventually you will want to “expand” your tribe to allow more members and a farther reach of audience, you can do this by using “Bones“, like credits.  You’ll get 100 bones to start with, after that you can either buy bones, win bones or earn bones.  An easy way to earn bones is to give “Karma” to scheduled tweets in your tribe stream, click on the thumbs up icon, if you haven’t given Karma already it will say +1(more than the number before).  After so many Karma give, you will receive 1 bone free.  This doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s really easy to do and very quick, an easy way to get an extra bone or two.  One other feature I love is the stats button.  Below the button will tell you how many people clicked on the link in your tweet.  If you click the stats button, it will show all of the members in the tribe for the tweet in question.  The members at the top are the ones who’s followers clicked through to your link for that tweet and a number for how many clicks from each members followers.  Basically, it shows who you are getting the most traffic from.
There are more features being added but for now, these are the basics of Triberr.  Ultimately, Triberr is a marketing tool for your blog.  You not only get your posts automatically tweeted to other peoples followers, you get to automatically share more quality content with your own followers from others.  Triberr allows you to quadruple your audience reach and significantly increase your blog traffic, as bloggers this is an exceptional benefit.
**If you are not a Triberr member yet, send me an email to stacey(at)thislilpiglet(dot)net with “Invite me to Triberr” in the subject line.**

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  1. Stumbled! Also voted for you while I was here!

    I hope you will stop by my stumble post: Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink

    Lesli ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Triberr seems interesting but I’ve been annoyed by the people who I follow who use it. It’s almost like being spammed with tweets. I’ve actually unfollowed people who have clogged up my feed! I think if it’s used correctly it could be great, but being in a huge tribe or lots of tribes produces to many tweets for your followers to actually read and click through! (Just my opinion, lol). Anyway, new follower and stumbler! Would love a follow and stumble back! Please stumble this post! Farm Animal Party

    • I can see your point, many people have had this discussion. Triberr has it’s benefits and it’s annoyances. I am part of a large group but I do try to keep track of and monitor the tweets that go out and space them out as much as I can but in a time frame that will benefit the group. The benefit for me is that I have a much farther reach on my own and that means my articles, tutorials and giveaways reach more readers and brands potentially increasing business for me. I have had some unfollow, which is unfortunate, but most just skip the tweets they don’t want to read and move onto the ones that interest them. To be honest, I have had many more follow me because of Triberr. The other benefit for me to be part of a Triberr group is that I can bring my readers a variety of content, more than I can provide individually, some which is definitely beneficial. I think if everyone who belongs to Triberr monitored their tweets better, pausing/deleting tweets that are repetitive and setting their tweet times appropriately this would alleviate most of what seems like spam like behavior; this is what my group is striving to achieve. Basically Triberr has it’s pro’s and it’s cons; it is fairly new though and is ever-changing to accommodate those cons. For me, the Pro’s outweigh the Con’s.

      Thanks for the great comment to spark discussion; I always love those kinds of comments. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for following and stumbling; I’ve returned the favor; I hope you link up again next week!

  3. This is a great introduction to Triberr. I am just getting my feet wet with it, but enjoying it a lot.

    Post stumbled from Stop & Stumble Saturday! Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


    Here’s mine to stumble back:

  4. I’m on Triberr and loving the benefits. I just stumbled this post–I’m hopping with you on the Stop and Stumble blog hop. I’d love to have you stumble this post for me:

  5. Loving Triberr here! stumbled your post. Mine for the week is at (if you didn’t already see it at BSMB)

  6. Thanks for the info-I’ve joined Triberr, but can’t quite figure it all out yet!
    thx for following

  7. Just stumbled from the stumble upon hop. I was wondering about triberr, thanks for the tutorial!

    Jenny @ Sippy Cup Chronicles

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