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5 Purse Essentials Coach Wristlet Giveaway

My 10 year old daughter, Miss Priss, has been suffering from cold sores over the last year. I’m not a cold sore sufferer myself and had never needed to use any topical creams to aide in healing; up until recently I didn’t know what to do to help her. She complains of pain and often her cold sores crack and bleed.

I was given the opportunity to try ABREVA to remedy her cold sores, which she happened to be sporting in the corner of her mouth about a week ago.  Miss Priss was complaining of her cold sore more on this occasion because it had already cracked and started to bleed.  When it crusted over I applied a small amount of ABREVA to the affected area; immediately Miss Priss said it felt better; the sore was no longer stinging.  I applied ABREVA a few more times over the next few days; the cold sore was noticeably better visually, not only was she not complaining of the pain anymore but the sore was actually healing much quicker.


My 5 Purse essentials that I cannot go without are:

  1. Debit/credit/ID cards
  2. Lip Gloss
  3. Feminine product
  4. Meter money
  5. Now that my gal had such a positive experience and speedy cold sore recovery, I would have to choose ABREVA to add to my list of purse eesentials, at least until Miss Priss starts carrying a purse of her own.



When it comes to choosing the right cold sore remedy, it’s important to know the facts. But with the widespread availability of misinformation about cold sore treatments, separating fact from fiction can be tough. Only abreva® contains a patented medicine (docosanol 10%) that has been clinically proven to speed healing. Abreva can also help prevent the cold sore virus from entering healthy cells. Medicated lip balms with menthol can temporarily alleviate pain but don’t have medication that speeds cold sore healing – but abreva does. Nothing works faster to speed cold sore healing*

  • Contains moisturizing ingredients
  • Clinically proven to speed healing
  • Soothes on contact and reduces duration of pain, burning, itching and redness
  • Works even after a cold sore has appeared
  • Helps prevent infection from spreading to other skin cells *among topical OTC cold sore treatments


If you visit between now and September 13th, you can reserve a $5 Abreva coupon!  The amount of coupons available is limited, so you should reserve right away.


The Giveaway:

CoachWristletPrize:  One lucky winner will win an authentic Coach Wristlet

**Color may be different/designs are subject to change upon availability.**

Mandatory Entry: Post a comment below telling me what your “must-have” items in your purse are.  You must fill out your entries in the Rafflecopter form below, follow instructions.  Besides the mandatory, you can also enter other ways to increase your chances of winning, as mentioned on the Rafflecopter form.

**Contest runs from August 24th to September 2nd 12:01 EST, Open to Canadians only.**





Disclosure – I am participating in the ABREVA program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline. I received a Coach wristlet as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.




61 comments on “5 Purse Essentials Coach Wristlet Giveaway”

  1. what a great giveaway! thank you!

    • I pressed enter to soon!(must of got to excited)
      lip gloss, cell phone, wallet with money, baby wipes, and hemp lotion!
      nathania.a at gmail dot com

    • I love the items you shared as must haves in your blog, my must-haves are a little one sided, but they will definitely stop me in my tracks and make me go back!

      1. Cell Phone, my life is contained in this one small device, plus it is my escape from reality at times when I need it most and without it I worry that I will not be able to reach my kids and vice versa. So I’ll not leave home without it!

      2.My mark mini mark it stick for lips in cocoa and my glow baby glow luxe in Choco luxe!

      3. Chapstick, I can’t leave home without that EVER!

      4. my mark maglogs and business cards, I’m always being stopped by people complimenting my mark looks or asking what IS MARK? So I like to be able to offer up the information and the loveliness that mark has to offer!!!

      5. My momAgenda. Because keeping track of my children, their appointments and their information is completely vital.

  2. In my purse i always have: chapstick, feminine products, pen/paper, travel perfume, mints and tissue.

  3. Cell phone, wallet, keys (holy purse-trinity, small pot of Glaxal Base, Carmex.

  4. My 5 essentials: lip gloss, diapers/wipes, earphones for the gym, credit card, and lots of cash 🙂

  5. chapstick
    hand sanitizer

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  6. In my purse, I always have a hand-sanitizer, a little mirror, my mp3 player, a book and of course my phone 😀

    francivusk at hotmail dot it

  7. My purse essentials are my wallet, lip balm, pen, notepad and gum

  8. my 5 essentials are:
    – lip balm
    – credit/debit cards
    – tampons
    – emergency granola bar
    – Motrin

  9. Cannot go without;
    daily planner
    jolly ranchers

  10. I always carry my phone, change for parking, a book, kleenex and a hair elastic!

  11. my 5 are
    hair elastic
    hand sanitizer
    coupon bookklet
    lip gloss or lipbalm

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  12. Chapstick, wallet, cash, cell phone, bandaids. : )

  13. Must haves are wallet, pen, mentos, lip gloss and iphone

  14. 1. Tylenol
    2. Lipstick
    3. Mints
    4. Hand Sanitizer
    5. Cell Phone

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  15. cell phone, keys, chapstick, debit card and cash
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  16. Wallet, pen, medication that I take every morning. 🙂

  17. My purse essentials: Anti-bacterial spray, wet wipes, perfume, gum, and of course money & credit cards. :o)

  18. Drivers Licence, bank card, keys, meds and sugar-free gum.

  19. Essentials:
    Lip Balm

  20. 1) My wallet
    2) Phone
    3) gum
    4) keys
    5) lip gloss

  21. My must haves:
    Hand Santizer
    Lip gloss

  22. wallet, chapstick, keys, purel and gum

  23. My must haves ~ Wallet ~ Keys ~ Coupons =P ~ Kleenex ~ Sketchbook & Pen

  24. Five essentials to go in my Coach Wrislet :

    1. Wallet

    2. Cell phone

    3. Wipes

    4. Lipstick

    5. Sunglasses

    Thanks for asking !

  25. I have a wallet, keys, cell phone, make up, pen

  26. lol….diaper wipes, hot wheels car, cheerios, wallet and keys

  27. Coupons, pen, lipgloss, tylonol, inhaler

  28. lip balm, cell phone, pocket organizer, pen, debit card

  29. wallet, oil absorbing wipes, phone, sunglasses

  30. My must haves are license, phone, debit card or cash, and chapstick…

    Amy Hollingsworth

  31. Must haves:
    1. Wallet 2. Chapstick 3. Feminine hygenie product 4. Hand sanitizer 5 hand lotion

  32. My purse must-haves are:
    -lip gloss
    -hand sanitizer

  33. Cellphone
    hair brush
    notepad n pen

  34. My essentials: pouchee, keys, cellphone, Kobo/ipod, lipgloss

  35. My purse must haves are wallet, keys, phone, cheetos for my daughter and her play cell phone! never leave home without them!

  36. My 5 purse must haves:

    Cell phone
    Hand sanitzier

  37. Phone. Debit card. Glasses. Hair band. Chapstick.

  38. I have to have my wallet, lipgloss, pepper spray, keys and a hair elastic with me at all times.

  39. My must-haves:
    Lip Balm

  40. Debit Card
    Hand Sanitizer
    Cell Phone
    Chap Stick
    Baby Wipes

  41. I must have:
    – my cell phone
    – keys
    – paper and pens
    – kleenex
    – gum and mints

  42. my must have items
    lip balm

  43. Cell phone, wallet, wipes and coupons

  44. debit card,license,cell phone and coupons

  45. The must haves in my purse are:

    change purse
    lip gloss

  46. AWESOME giveaway! I’ve always heard great things about Abreva, also.

    My essentials are: Credit card, drivers license, cell phone, baby wipes, & lotion!

  47. My 5 are:
    Cell Phone, wallet, debit card, tweezers, and money.
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  48. My 5 must haves are : lotion, cell phone, lip gloss, debit card & wipes 🙂

  49. Lets see……debit/ID for sure, mints, lip gloss/chapstick, just in case mommy monthly products and my favorite pen cuz every time ya seem to need one no one has one plus if all else fails I can find something to write on and that will keep at least one of my kids quiet for a little while when we are out and about.

  50. My must haves are cellphone, pen, gum, lipgloss and comb.

  51. My purse must haves:

    1. Wallet
    2. Cell phone
    3. Chapstick/Lipstick/Baby Cream/Small mirror
    4. Hair bands/Hair clips/Small comb
    5. Snacks (granola bar, container os cereal, cookies, or crackers – my children are young)
    6. Pen/Paper/Small calendar or datebook to keep track of appointments

  52. I have to have lipgloss, mascara (always running late and put makeup on in the car) wallet, phone and keys

  53. must haves:
    1. ID
    2. Passport
    3. Cash
    4. Tazer
    5. Twine

  54. Driver’s license, chapstick, mascara, gum and deodorant are the 5 things I cannot go without

  55. The 5 things I always notice in my wife’s purse is ID, reciepts, keys, mascara and more reciepts

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