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Do You Know Your Credit Score?

We’ve had our ups and downs with this new house Hubs and I are building, partially from high expectations and partially from being a little naive about the whole home building process.  One of the biggest struggles for us in the beginning was jumping through all the hoops the mortgage lender placed on us.  When we would provide the first set of credit requests another request was asked of us.  This was more than frustrating.

Part of the reason we had such a difficult time with the home construction mortgage is because we were unaware of all the credit details involved, unlike a regular mortgage, the builders construction is much more involved.  I felt  like short of giving them our first born child, they had taken everything else.  I’m not sure if many of you have ever experienced a refinance home loan but it is similar to this except much more involved.

Regardless of this headache, we have made a lot of progress on our DIY new home construction and with much more work to complete we hope to be able to move in within the next 2 months.  Of course this is behind our deadline but certain things have taken longer than expected.  If you are considering building your own home, a word of advice, no matter what your schedule is or what seems to make sense to you as far as deadlines go, everything always takes longer than expected.

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