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Do You Take Your Pets Nutrition Seriously?

I normally do not blog about my pal furry pal Pork Chop because we are always busy with other events, like our DIY Home Construction. Recently I have been watching Baby Girl develop a really close bond to Pork Chop; they have developed a friendship that I did not expect. You see, Baby Girl was terrified of dogs up until about a month ago and thanks to Hubs persistence, she overcame her fear and warmed up to Pork Chop.

This had me thinking about the long term effects of their human/fur baby relationship and the health of our family pet. I found out about the Hill’s Healthy Mobility Challenge and spent some time reading the Hill’s Pet Nutrition section of the Hill’s pet website. Naturally being a large breed dog, Pork Chop doesn’t have as long of a life expectancy. This is why it is especially important to me to do everything I can ensuring Pork Chop holds on to his mobility as long as possible.

Pork Chop loves the farm; he has the run of our 10 acres, including a coulee that runs through our property. He makes his daily rounds around the acreage and, being a water dog Newfoundland breed, spends most of his time frolicking in the coulee. On one of these rounds, Pork Chop had the unpleasant experience of meeting his first Skunk. Luckily he only was slightly sprayed, enough to bruise his ego. The miles he puts on every day is one great way to ensure he keeps his mobility healthy but it can also take a toll on his joints after time.

One of the ways to prevent mobility problems is by feeding your dog Science Diet Healthy Mobility Dog Food. Ready to take the Mobility Challenge for your pet? Hill’s pet offers the Hill’s Healthy Mobility Coupon to help you along. Currently Hill’s Pet is running the Healthy Mobility Challenge Sweepstakes; by registering for the coupons you will automatically entered into the Sweepstakes and could be one of 30 people chosen to win your pet FREE dog food for one year. To keep posted on other Hill’s Pet Nutrition, check out Hill’s Pet Nutrition on Facebook

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