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God Love Him, And His Mama Too

I took my case to the professionals today.  My first screeching stop was at the chiropractor.  A long time friend and ally, I asked for her input on the smallest ball of stubborn in the universe.  I know, I’ve gone all “out of the world” on you, but this kid is something special when it comes to stubborn.  I have no doubts that he has a future career in intelligence.  He cannot be coaxed into giving anyone anything unless it is of his own volition.

Her ideas are stored in my brain to ferment for a few days while I plan my attack.  We will be cutting out red dye, yellow dye, corn syrup and soy.  Hold me because this kid may starve today at the notion of fruits and veggies crossing his palate.  One must do what one must do.  Her general idea is to weigh off the bad that he eats with some really good stuff while slowly eliminating the bad. Adding a flop of chocolate syrup to fruit/veggies and/or protein shakes, all in the name of eating something good for you……more mulling and fermenting must happen and I’m on board.


Next stop whirled me into the school counselor’s office.  Let me say this loud and clear, if you are experiencing misfortune at school or about school, find the counselor and ask for her help.  It may not be the first person you think of when it comes to asking for help, but it should be.  If you don’t get the great feedback that I did from the counselor at my son’s school, be aware that you should and go for help at the next level. I laid out the woes of a troubled parent with the most stubborn six-year-old.  I replayed the scenario where this little bundle of joy turns into a manipulative little kid.  She confirmed my worst nightmares; he is using me and abusing me.  She didn’t say that but I knew it.  Sometimes, it takes a professional to help us understand that though.


Those homework horrors where he decides he is ready to do his homework, only to change his mind or declare it too difficult occur daily. We go back and forth where I say “fine, just don’t do it, I know you are capable and I know it isn’t too hard” and he falls in the floor in a heap of tears.  He returns a few minutes later with “do you want me to do it?”  I can tell him endlessly that “it is his homework, yes I want him to do it but I’m not going to make him”, but I have always caved and gone back.  No more!


We started tonight.  Homework time is at 4:00 PM.  Starting it is not an issue.  He always wants to start.  He just never gets past reading the title of his story and he is falling apart.  Today though, I gave him one opportunity to cry and get it out of his system.  After that, I sent him to his room.  He returned, this time he didn’t ask if I wanted him to do it, he simply declared his readiness.  I reminded him that he had used his one and only chance for the night and any further outburst would result in leaving homework undone for the night.  No problems.


Next week, we tackle behavior from a chemical standpoint, a la, the good doctor’s suggestions.

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  1. I fully agree with you re: school counselor! I worked with a wonderful counselor before I went on mat leave and she went to Africa to teach…She was definitely someone parents could count on!

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