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How to Add Your Feed to a StumbleUpon Profile

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Do you see this fancy little feed box?  Of course you do and it probably won’t be the first place you’ve seen it either.  A fellow blogger friend of mine recently included her feed in her StumbleUpon profile which I thought was brilliant. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that but nonetheless; it’s very easy to do and you can do this too.  Here is how.

Tip:  You can click on each picture to view a larger version and return by clicking the back button on your browser.


  • Step one:  Login to Google Accounts and click on Feedburner.  If you don’t have Google Accounts, you can log in directly to
Google Accounts
  • Step 2:  Once you are logged in to Feedburner, click on Publicize where you will see the “Headline Animator” option on the left sidebar.  If you haven’t already set up a Headline Animator feed box yet, you will need to do so now.  Simply click on “Create New” below the Headline Animator option.

Feedburner Headline Animator

  • Step 3:  Your feed URL will already be inputed into the “Clickthrough URL” box; do not change this.  Choose the “Theme” or size of the box and change the colors around to suit your tastes.  Unfortunately, there are only so many color options but you can see how your choices look in the preview area.  Once you have decided on the look of the feed box, click on “Activate”.
Feedburner Headline Animator Options
  • Step 4:  You will now see the “Theme”/size of the Headline Animator you just created on the left sidebar (highlighted in grey in the picture).  Click the drop-down box under “Add to…”, select the “Other ( just gimme code)” option and click on next.
Feedburner Headline Animator Activation
  • Step 5:  A box will pop up with code specific to your feed.  Highlight and copy the entire code inside the box; it will now be available on your clipboard to paste later.
Feedburner headline Animator Code
  • Step 6:  Log in to your StumbleUpon profile.  Click on “Settings” then “Customize Profile”.  Here you will see your profile information; if you haven’t filled this out yet, I recommend doing so to maximize your StumbleUpon experience as talked about here.
StumbleUpon Profile
  • Step 7:  In the “Introduce Yourself…” box, paste the code you previously copied to your clipboard.  I prefer before my introduction paragraph but this is up to you if you want to place the code before or after the paragraph.  I also suggest using a space between your feed box and your introduction paragraph, as suggested in the picture.   Save!

StumbleUpon Profile Settings

Now if you view your profile you will see your Feedburner Headline Animator box directly on your StumbleUpon profile page. Like in the picture below.  You can view your profile by Clicking on “Hi…”, as you see in the picture “Hi thislilpiglet”.  On the right, you will see the option “View my profile”; click there to see your fancy new feed box.
Adding a Feedburner Feed to Your StumbleUpon Profile
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Google+1 Button
Kind of a pain but it only takes a couple seconds; thanks in advance! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for this tutorial. I’m still incorporating Stumble Upon into my blogging, but I’ve noticed it’s become a bigger source of traffic since I’ve started doing your Stumble hops. Stumbling this post 🙂

  3. Thanks for the advice. Stopping by from Stop and Stumble hop. I am always looking for ways to get traffic to my blog. I stumbled this post and would love it if you stumbled mine.

  4. New to this whole Stumble scene, but I just stumbled this. I am participating in your hop and thank you for hosting.

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