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I’m a Kinder Mom

Kinder Suprise EggsI’m officially a Kinder Surprise Ambassador, the most loved kids treat in Canada, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the Kinder Mom Ambassador Program.  The exciting part is to be part of the official re-launch of the Kinder® Surprise® 2012 Toy Collection in Canada, featuring over 70 brand new toys. Including some extraordinary bigger, better, more playful toys that will knock your socks off!

Safari Giants Kinder Surprise Toy

Can you believe they can fit a 22 cm Giraffe into an itty bitty chocolate egg?  Believe it!  This is one of the toys I cannot wait to see in person.  I have to see this one for myself because I cannot understand how this is possible.

Monkey Stamp Toy

My girls and I love to stamp;  we include stamping in most of our craft projects.  Naturally the Emoty Monkeys Stamps intrigued me.  Including stamps as one of their new re-launch toys was the perfect choice.  I know my girls and I are excited to be surprised by all of the new stamps and of course the chocolate treat the toy comes in….delicious!

These are just a couple of teasers of the new Kinder® Surprise® 2012 Toy Collection.  To see more, you can Like the Kinder Canada Facebook Page for more pictures of some of their upcoming toys.  Please make sure to let them know This Lil Piglet sent you.


To celebrate Kinder Canada is giving away a limited number of one free egg coupons at their Facebook fan Page here.  Please be patient, you may need to refresh to view the coupon.  I suggest you use the Chrome browser; it seems to have no problems.  (Canadians only)


Making Time for Play

This summer, we spent most of our holidays on a Stay-cation.  We have been so busy building our house that we haven’t been able to enjoy any trips away this year which made it even more important to make the time for play.  Spending quality time with my kids each day is important to all of us in this household.  As a busy blogger, often times I have to schedule time to ensure quality time with my kids each day.  One of the ways I make sure to make time for play is our daily trips to the farm.  Since we are not finished our new house yet, we continue to make our daily trips to the build site.  With everything else, this keeps us very busy.  We specifically take time to take our kids to my in-laws farm nearby to visit 4 baby kittens.  Each child holds one kitten and spends time with me sitting in the grass, playing with the kittens and chatting about our day.  My favorite part is seeing my children come together where they can set aside their sibling differences and spend time giggling together.  It’s truly music to my ears.  We always leave feeling happy and relaxed; in the current busy daily agenda we all appreciate this time together.


How do you make time for play each day?  Send me a comment; I’d love to hear about your time for play.


Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.



3 comments on “I’m a Kinder Mom”

  1. OMG – my neighbor used to bring these back from Germany when she went home…a very loooonnnnggg time ago!! I am happy to see they are still around! I loved getting them when I was a kid!! 🙂

    • Me too; I grew up with then and so have my kiddos. I think it’s wonderful they are revamping their toys to make it new and fresh; we’re all pretty excited about it here. 🙂

  2. My friend told me about this treat and then I found one here in the states during easter time, my kids enjoyed them!!!

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