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We’re Going to DisneyWorld – Sponsors Welcome

SOooo, we are heading to DisneyWorld in October for our family vacation this year.  I had planned on going to Blissdom Canada and taking the family along to make a trip out of it however after crunching the numbers I realized that it was that or DisneyWorld, in fact we would have spent more going to Toronto.  I really wanted to attend Blissdom Canada this year with many of my fellow bloggers however I sacrificed my conference trip to take our kids to somewhere they would rather go on vacation.  To be honest, I felt a bit selfish taking the trip to Blissdom in place of another family trip.  If we lived closer to Toronto, the cost wouldn’t have been nearly as high and I could probably do both.

I’m a bit excited myself for this trip.  I’ve never been to DisneyWorld, let alone Florida.  I’ve been to DisneyLand a few times and other places in California; my sister lives in California so it’s always been the place we’ve chosen for our family holidays.  This year the 6 of us will be visiting the other side of the US and are trying to avoid telling the kids until we are just about to leave for the trip and I’ll be thinking of a unique way to tell them and video taping their response. I’m excited to see how they will react.

I am looking for sponsors for the trip, of which I will be Facebooking, Tweeting, blogging about throughout our vacation and afterwards in our favorite moments blog post series.  If you would like to have your product or brand promoted for our 7 night stay in Orlando, Florida in October, please email me with the details at stacey(at)thislilpiglet(dot)net with the subject “Disney Sponsor” in the subject line.  Some of the items I am specifically looking for but am open to all sorts of ideas are:

  • Disney Tutu set for Baby Girl to wear at DisneyWorld – baby Girl will be wearing a snow white tutu dress sponsored by the Tutu Fairy
  • Gift Certificates to restaurants or food vouchers within walking distance of the park.
  • Jogging stroller – (not the wide style) for Baby Girl
    • Kingdom Strollers will be providing us with a jogging stroller rental for our week stay.  We will be reviewing the Bob Revolution Single jogging stroller while we are in Orlando.
  • Car rental
  • Hotel & Flight – We are booking are trip today or tomorrow and deciding on which hotel currently.  We are looking for a suite with a kitchenette, rather than just a room.  We have noticed that purchasing a vacation package (hotel & flights) is much cheaper than just purchasing flights by themselves.  If there is a travel agent that can offer help, please feel free to contact me; we are traveling from Canada, please don’t contact me unless you can offer help for Canadians.
    • HOTEL – Holiday Inn will be sponsoring this portion of our Disney trip.  They have provided 2 adjoining rooms, a courtesy crib and microwave for Baby Girl. Kids eat free at the hotel and shuttles are provide to all the Disney parks.
    • Flight – We have chosen to fly Delta Airlines however this portion was not sponsored so far but these flights were the most reasonable prices we could find.
  • Luggage Tags sponsored by Oliver’s Labels
  • Park Passes, tickets, etc
  • Anything else you think we can use while on our trip.
  • Airplane Bags – 2 Harts Creations will be sponsoring 2 Minnie Mouse Tutu bags for Miss Priss and Squeakers for their airplane carry on’s.

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