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Danimals Rally for Recess Giveaway (US/CAN)

In the past twenty years, children have lost an average of 8 hours of recess a week, and some schools no longer provide play time for students. According to the American Academy of Pediatricians, the lack of play time is a national crisis leading to a growing epidemic: childhood obesity.  


Rally for Recess is a national initiative designed to create healthy competition, pitting school against school. Five schools have the opportunity to win new playground equipment and an all-day recess celebration! Danimals is committed to childhood health and wellness, which starts with good nutrition and an active lifestyle. Through February 8, 2012, purchasers can find codes on Danimals packaging to enter and register. The top school in each of five categories with the most codes registered wins! For more information, visit: 


Being a parent to 3 school-aged kids, I’ve noticed the changes over the years that the school has made.  As a parent I do not agree with a lot of them.  Luckily my kids school values physical activity and often has extra physical activity in school time with regular recess times.  This helps substantially when my kids are stuck inside during the winter months due to the elements.  For us, during the winter months is the most difficult time to keep our kids active and healthy because outside activity is limited.  As a parent when I heard of schools actually decreasing recess time without making up for their activity time through the Rally for Recess program and the fight against childhood obesity,  I felt it my responsibility to tell my readers about this program a necessity.  


Please visit for more information on how you can help AND help a school win much needed new playground equipment.


To help promote this important program Danimals is giving away a Danimals branded soccer ball with a branded drawstring bag to one of my lucky readers.






Disclaimer:  All statements about Dannon and Rally for Recess programare my own and represent my true and considered opinions.  I did not receive any compensation or product for this post.



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