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Disney World Event Update Sponsors Welcome

Disney World 2011 Event

SO far the kids don’t know a thing; we’re trying to keep it from them as long as possible.  I had a shirt made up for Baby Girl to wear on the morning we depart from the airport that says “We’re going to Disney World”.  I’m going to have the shirt on under her coat then at the airport I’ll take it off and have the older 3 kids read where we’re going.  We’ll be video taping the surprise reveal.

We’d love to thank our current sponsors:

  • Jogging stroller – Kingdom Strollers will be providing us with a jogging stroller rental for our week stay.  We will be reviewing the Bob Revolution Single jogging stroller while we are in Orlando.
  • Hotel & Flight
    • HOTEL – Holiday Inn will be sponsoring this portion of our Disney trip.  They have provided 2 adjoining rooms, a courtesy crib and microwave for Baby Girl. Kids eat free at the hotel and shuttles are provide to all the Disney parks.
    • Flight – We have chosen to fly Delta Airlines however this portion was not sponsored so far but these flights were the most reasonable prices we could find.
  • Luggage Tags sponsored by Oliver’s Labels
  • Airplane Bags – 2 Harts Creations will be sponsoring 2 Minnie Mouse Tutu bags for Miss Priss and Squeakers for their airplane carry on’s.
We still welcome sponsors for the following:
  • Disney Tutu for Baby Girl to wear at DisneyWorld
  • Airlines Headphones – 3 older kids, preferably the over the ear style headphones
  • Electronics – For use on during travel, such as MP3’s, game systems, tablet’s, etc
  • Activity Pack – 9 & 10 year old girls
  • Books – 9 & 10 year old girls and a 12 year old boy
  • Hats – Sun coverage for the days at the park
  • Park Passes, tickets, etc
  • Car rental
  • Anything else you think we can use while on our trip.

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