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Fotobounce Software Review

Photo editing software that’s simple to use is hard to find but for me, I’m more interested in finding photo sharing capabilities than I am in actually editing my pictures.  I have tried almost every single site you can imagine.  If you are looking for a way to share your photos and maintain some degree of privacy, you can take a look at what Fotobounce has to offer and see if you are as impressed as I am.

Starting with the ability to recognize faces and tag photos, I started with the easy ones and moved through my album of photos.  The software quickly picked up my oldest son as a unidentified face.

I tagged one photo with my son’s name and then went to the top left for “suggestions”.  Once I clicked on suggestions, I was given the following faces to identify as the same person or not.  Obviously you can see, the software was right on target with that.

Then, it was a simply click of the check mark and I was on my way.  According to Fotobounce, the face detection accuracy is up 94% and face scanning speed is 50% faster than before.  I believe it, the process was super quick.

Another quick and easy feature that I was glad to see was the support for the Eye-Fi wireless camera cards.  I have one but many sites don’t offer support for it and it makes using it more difficult.  This is a great way to move photos wirelessly but if your software doesn’t support it, then it’s a waste of time.

Finally, one of my personal favorites is the ability to store full-size photos.  I often find myself looking for a photo to actually print for someone and all I can find are ones that have been modified for me to upload to various sites.  With Fotobounce, I know my full size, high resolution images are stored safely.

Fotobounce has the ability to allow you to create and share your photos with a private network which in turn allows you more control over where and how your photos might be used if obtained from other sites.  You can engage with fellow Fotobounce users, or Bouncers as they call them, through email and your photos will still be in your control.  The tags will remain on the photos when they are transferred.  All photo transmissions and data are encrypted with 128-bit SSL so those taking advantage of the sharing can rest easy.

If you are ready to download Fotobounce, you can go to the Download Fotobounce here to get started.


This post brought to you by Fotobounce.

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