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Hollywood Chronicles V2 – Elephant Shoe!

Hollywood Chronicles V2 - Elephant Shoe!

We took the kids out for supper for our anniversary, because we’re romantic like that, and had a wonderful time full of giggles and quality time together.  When we were finished our dinner and waiting for the bill to arrive I mouthed the words “Elephant Shoe” to my daughter, Squeakers.  She said, “I love you too mom”.  I said, “Squeaks, I didn’t say that; I said elephant shoe but I love you too.”  She laughed but didn’t really understand what I meant and said “Elephant Shoe?  I’ve only heard of a horse shoe.”  After a good hard laugh from the rest of the bunch, even Baby Girl but she laughs when people laugh, we all clued her in.  I told her the words out loud and then mouthed the words to show her that by doing that it looks like I’m saying “I Love You!” and it has nothing to do with elephants wearing shoes.

Ahhh Squeakers, you are my little sweetie…such innocence!  🙂

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