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Icon Solo and Modus 1 Flashlight Review

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Modus I Flashlight

A person does not realize how much they can rely on a flashlight until they have been hit with a storm like we had this past weekend.  The day was a beautiful one, one of the last nice ones of the season, when near dusk the winds picked up and a dark cloud moved in bringing with it a hail storm.  The hail wasn’t large enough to cause any real damage other than a few tree branches to fall down but it was bad enough to knock out the power for awhile.

The days are getting shorter and the sun is setting sooner; we went from daylight to blackness in what seemed like a matter of minutes.  Miss Priss is terrified of thunder or any type of storm that is loud so she was instantly worked up and crying.  Luckily we had these Icon flashlights to help cut the dark.  The Icon Modus 1 can fit in the palm of your hand but is powerful enough to light up a room using a LED light.  The design itself allows the flashlight to be extremely durable; Baby Girl has dropped it more than a few times and the Modus 1 flashlight has worked exactly the same every time without a scratch on it.

One of my favorite features about this little flashlight is the push button design which does not make it easy to accidentally turn it on and does not drain the battery unknowingly.  My other favorite feature about this flashlight is the size; unlike other flashlights this little guy is small, easy to store and portable.  Usually when you need a flashlight you are never prepared; you can easily throw it in your purse to use when you need it.  Use it to find keys in your purse, or light up the keyhole on your house door when you are fumbling to insert your key in the dark; the Modus 1 flashlight is an all around must have.

Solo Flashlight
I’m sure you remember me tell you before but in case you do not, I am an avid reader.  I love my eReader but the one I have does not have a light feature to light up the reading surface.  Often I would turn on my side lamp to read before going to sleep every night; Hubs has complained about this as long as we’ve been together.  Hubs does not enjoy reading before drifting off to sleep but has to endure a lit up room while trying to sleep when I am doing my nightly reading.  The icon Solo flashlight is the perfect reading light.  I shine the pen light onto my book and I can enjoy my nightly read without interrupting Hubs sleeping patterns.  The Solo flashlight offers a softer light but still light enough to read without straining your eyes.  When I’m done reading the clip makes it easy for me to store the flashlight attached to my book or slim enough to store beside my eReader on my night stand.
The Icon Solo Flashlight is also a portable option which can easily be stored.  Working at an emergency service station for years, I often saw the workers with twist on style pen lights.  The solo flashlight offers an easy push on/off button which can be done single handed, keeping the other hand free to do other things; this is an important feature for this line of work.
The Icon Solo and Modus 1 flashlights are an excellent option for those of us on the go, for use around the house, in specific lines of work and would be the perfect addition to any college dorm room or similar environments where you are tight on space.  It’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas; these Icon flashlights would be a perfect stocking stuffer for most.
Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of review.  I was not compensated in any way in to conduct this review.  This review is my honest opinion of the product and is in no way influenced.

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  1. My daughter will go crazy for this flashlight… The picture looks like a ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ that is used in the TV Show Dr. Who, which she is a fanatic about!

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