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Dempster's AmbassadorI have the honor of being part of the Dempster’s Lunchbox Inspirations Team.  What does this mean?  As a mom to 4 kids, 3 school-aged, I make hundreds of lunchbox meals each year.  At the beginning of the year I am like any other mom, eager to add the extra special touches to their lunches but by the time we are a month into school, my lunchbox energy has fizzled out and I’m left struggling to keep the ideas fresh.  Demster’s and Maple Leaf Foods has hand selected me, one of the Demster’s Lunchbox Inspirations Team Canadian moms to help you keep out of the lunchbox rut this fall.

Dempster’s has created a new section on their website that will feature daily content and inspiration to moms of school-aged kids.  Dempster’s will provide a newsletter that will offer new ideas and if you “Like” the Dempster’s Facebook page you will have a place to socialize with other moms of school-aged kids while gaining the daily lunchbox inspiration you need.


My kids lunch room is really just a classroom and does not offer a microwave for heating up lunches.  Some tips I think of when organizing lunchbox meals are:

  1. My kids teachers have actually told them that they are only allowed to bring lunches that are quick to eat because they only allow them limited time to finish their lunch before being sent back outside for play time.  Prepare recipes that can remain cool or room temperature.  This allows kids quick and easy to eat options and still have time to play with their friends before getting back into afternoon schoolwork.
  2. My kids appreciate a little special attention now and then.  Doing this every day wouldn’t be as special so what I do is place little “love” notes in their lunches randomly.  I personalize these notes to what might be going on in each of my kids school day.  For example, if my son has an exam that day I’ll add in a “Good luck on your test; I know you will do your best!” note.
  3. When the kids come home from school I have them place their dirty reusable lunch containers used that day in the sink so they can be washed and reused the next day.  They also have their lunch bags ready to go so that I do not have to search for them when making their lunch after they have gone to bed.
I have many more tried and true lunch tips that make my life easier, much like you will soon find on the Dempster’s website.  What do you find hardest about your kids lunch time routine?  What are your tips to make sure lunch time runs smoothly?  What are some of your favorite lunchbox recipes?



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