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Nextbook Premium7 Tablet Review

Nextbook Premium7 TabletFor those of you who are unsure what the benefits of owning a Tablet are, you are in for a treat.  The Nextbook Premium7 Tablet is a fully interactive touch screen mini-computer, for lack of a better description.  Though it is true that a Tablet does not have the added features a laptop or desktop computer offers, it is an excellent addition or for those of you who use your computer mostly for the checking emails, socializing on Facebook and Twitter or cruising the internet, the tablet is the perfect choice.


When I first powered up the Nextbook Premium7 Tablet it loaded quickly.  I had a few settings to complete before being able to use the internet options of the tablet which were very easy to setup.  The tablet comes with a cling film sticker on the screen that tells you how do setup your WiFi connection within a couple of steps; it’s exactly the same steps you would take to set up any other Wifi connection.   You must already have a wireless router connected within signal distance which means no matter where you take your tablet, if there is a wireless internet connection, you will have access to the internet via your tablet and all you have to do is search and connect to that wireless network.  Some networks are security protected and can only be accessed with the password.  Everywhere I take my tablet I either have no issues connecting to the network or I have access to the password.


The Nextbook Premium7 Tablet features take some getting used to, like any new electronic, however after reading the manual and exploring around the options, within a day I had my email, Facebook and Twitter account access setup, played a few games and even started reading one of the preloaded Kobo books.  Being an avid reading, being able to download and read books is one of my favourite features of the tablet; the fact that that e-reader features are added to this tablet makes it an all-in-one portable option for me.  The 7″ screen size adds even more portability to the tablet; small enough to fit in my purse but large enough to accomplish my daily internet tasks.  With the numerous applications that can be easily and quickly downloaded, you can be assured the tablet offers any feature you are looking for.  I downloaded a few baby games for Baby Girl to play while I completed some of my other blog work.  Normally Baby Girl loves to sit on my lap during my “work” time, making it harder to stay on task, but with the baby games she kept herself occupied long enough that I could get a few things done and I was comforted that she was learning while she played.


Overall, I highly recommend the Nextbook Premium7 Tablet.  Some of the other tablets come in larger sizes but for me, the 7″ screen offers much more portability; it’s easy to use, quick to set up and in my opinion, a much needed added accessory to your internet and social media wardrobe.


 About the Nextbook Premium7 Tablet

Introducing our newest line of tablets – The premium series! It’s everything you liked in a tablet but now it’s even faster. Your new Premium7 comes equipped with new android 2.3 OS, you can surf the net, play games, or watch your favorite show smoother than before. Its sleek design, touch screen feature, 7 inches color display, WiFi, is just amazing. Premium7 also comes with 25 free preloaded eBooks. With one touch, you can open your favorite book and enjoy it anywhere. Its crystal clear capacitive screen is so easy to use. It gives you sharp images especially when playing HD video. If it’s games that you prefer, there are thousands of free 3rd party apps available for you to download. Premium7, it is the next generation of tablets!!



 Disclaimer:  I was provided with the product to review only, no compensation was received for this review.

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  1. What a great item to review!! My husband and I share the original Ipad and we love it!! Is Nextbook the brand/maker? *off to google*

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