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Sally of The Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Review

Ever since I introduced my kids to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which has been a favorite of mine, they have repeatedly asked to watch the movie.  Having the opportunity to wear a costume this Halloween in the character of Sally made Miss Priss one happy girl.  She wanted her younger sister, Squeakers, to wear the Jack Skellington costume so they could go out on the town as a pair but Squeakers had her own costume idea and even if she did the costume did not come small enough.


In the original Sally teen costumes picture, the stitched arms and neck were white and, as you can see, they came in a greenish color.  Honestly we don’t mind the green, it’s more true to the look of the deceased Sally character.  On Halloween I will be painting Miss Priss’s face in the same color with stitches and she will wear black boots to match the Sally character.  Being that we usually have snow by Halloween most costumes are not warm enough to wear without outerwear underneath, this costume is no exception.  The costume was also bigger than expected but the ties at the back of the costume help to tighten the dress to make it more form fitting.


With 4 kids, costumes get to be expensive for a few hours on one day of the year so I prefer to reuse them whenever possible.  The problem is, they grow and want to dress up as something new each year.  For this reason, I’ve saved a few but most I’ve given away to others who might enjoy them as much as we have.


The Sally costume is made of 100% polyester and includes the dress, glovelets and wig for the extremely affordable member price of $23.96 ($27.98 Non-member price) from CostumeWholesaleClub.  For a $5 annual fee, you can buy as many costumes as you want or need at wholesale prices.  Most costumes do not include the extra accessories, especially a wig, all for such a low price.


Overall I was happy with the Sally Quality Teen Costume, especially the inclusion of the accessories that most costumes do not include.  For the price, Wholesale Costume Club is highly recommended for all your costume needs.  The best part of this costume is that Miss Priss really likes it and is very excited to wear it on Halloween.  These days I don’t have much of an opportunity to wear costumes anymore; having her wear a costume in one of my favorite characters helps to get me in the spirit of Halloween.






2 comments on “Sally of The Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Review”

  1. I was just thinking about Halloween too! It’s always great to find a rescource for costumes. It does seem the kids taste are always changing so I too will donate old costumes or just keep them for dress up, which my kids love as well! Your daughter looks great in her costume!! I hope you post pictures of your 4 goblins this year! Great to find you on voiceBoks, I’m now following your great site! I loved reading your profile on vB!

    • I will definitely post pictures of my Goblins. Sometimes we get a theme going but this year they are being more independent and the eldest thinks he’s now too old (or I think he thinks he’s too cool) to dress up so we’ll have an array of costumes but they will be fun nonetheless. 🙂 I’m glad to join voiceBoks and happy to hear you enjoyed my profile; I’ll be taking part in the forums soon. Thanks for popping by and following.

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