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Slice and Dice Foods in Half the Time

With a family of 6, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and that means a lot of time prepping food.  One of the prepping jobs I dislike the most is chopping vegetables; it just takes up so much time.  I first saw the Slice-O-Matic on TV and knew that I had to have one.  It not only slices and dices, it collects your chopped foods all in one handy appliance.  I’ve seen others like the Slice-O-Matic but they aren’t as large and they do not collect your prepped food all in one appliance which makes for a messier cleanup and more time consumption.  For a larger family, any appliance that cuts my prep time and is large enough to prep all my vegetables in one, is a must have.


As Seen On TV Slice-O-Matic – Tired of All that Chopping and Slicing? Slice Your Prep Time in Half! Buy One, Get One Free for Only $19.99 + S and H.

** Available to US and Canada** – Click on the image to get yours today!


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