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Dezign with a Z Wall Decal Review

Dezign With a Z wall decals and wall stickers

The DIY home construction build is coming along; we recently completed the paint on the main and upper floors.  As much as a I can take credit for the paint color throughout the rest of the house, my 10 year old daughter, Miss Priss, had her own ideas, to say she’s independent would be an understatement.  When Miss Priss chose lime green, or as we call it slime green, as her wall color I had to put my foot down and limit the color to a feature wall only.  I tried to persuade her to choose a different color but there was not changing her mind.

Dezign with a Z Wall Decals Review

When I came across the Songe floral wall art decal I thought it was the perfect compliment to the color and suited my daughter’s personality perfectly.  At 10 years old, she is beyond the girly decor and into a more teen grown up look.  With the wall size being fairly large, I chose  the largest size 68″W X 47″H to act as a frame for her double bed in chocolate brown to accent the pebble stone color of the rest of her walls.

In our last house, we had purchased a large decal a little larger than this to give our living room the wow factor.  Although I loved the design of the decal, I did not like the process of putting the decal on the wall.  Hubs and I were at each other’s throat trying to place the decal on the wall; now we can laugh about it but back then I wished the wall decal was much easier to put up.  Naturally I was a bit apprehensive once this wall decal arrived that it would be equally as difficult to put it on the wall.  I was more than pleased that the decal went on much easier.


The best part of the process was the transfer paper that is included with the wall decals; it not only allows you to see through to the placement of the decal, it easily allows you to smooth on the decal without problems.  I had quite the audience watching us place the decal on the wall; my mother-in-law, father-in-law and grandmother were all interested in the process.  Being that this was a large decal, Hubs and I decided the best way to peel the backing off the decal was to lay it out on the floor.  We started slowly peeling the parchment paper off the sticky side of the decal from one side to the next.  There were a few spots that stuck to the paper where we pushed the decal back onto the transfer paper with our fingers. We then picked up the transfer paper with the sticky side of the decal facing the wall and had someone stand back to dictate the proper placement on the wall before we started rubbing the sticky side of the decal and transfer paper into place.  Afterwards we used the smoothing tool to slide over the entire decal and make the decal seal to the wall for the final step, removing the transfer paper.  I really like this decal and have had nothing but compliments about it; my niece was at the house today and she continued to tell us how “cool” she thought it looked.


One tip for a successful large wall decal application is to smooth the decal out from one side to the next is the best way to avoid bubbles under the decal.  When placing large decals on a wall, having one or two extra is necessary.  If you have a few bubbles in the decal after the transfer paper has been removed, try using the included smoothing tool by squeegeeing the bubble towards an edge.  If that doesn’t work, you can poke the bubble with a pin once and use the smoothing tool to slide the air towards the hole where it will be released and stick the decal back down to the wall in that spot; you will not notice the pin mark afterwards.


If you are looking to decorate on a budget or give a bare wall some flare, wall decals give a wall personality without the huge cost of other wall art; in some instances I actually prefer decals over hanging art.  From small spaces to large walls, has wall decals to choose from that will suit anyone’s personality or taste.

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