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How to Install a Facebook Landing Page

Facebook Landing Page Tutorial



To start with, this tutorial is for those of you that already have  Facebook Fan Page and are looking to spruce it up with a landing page.  You will need a image to load when you have people visit your Fan Page who have not liked it before and you will need one image to load when fans revisit your page (optional).  If you do not do graphic design, I can create a landing page for you for $25; email me at to request.  If you are doing it on your own, you should not create an image wider than 520 pixels, it will not fit on the page without adding scroll bars.  I prefer sticking with 500 pixels.

Step 1: Install Static HTML iFrame Tabs

Go to the iFrame Facebook page here   and choose the blue “Go to App” right beside the like button, connect to the app when prompted and choose which fan page you will add the iFrame to and add to page.

Facebook Welcome Page Tutorial

Step 2: Edit the HTML code

Once you have an image ready and the iFrame app installed, head over to the “welcome” tab on the left sidebar of your page.  Simply enter the HTML code for the image you would like to appear when a non-fan visits your page and if you’d like a landing page for when fans revisit, enter the HTML code for that in the bottom box.  You will have to upload your images to a image host like Photobucket where you can grab the HTML code for that specific image, as you can see in the example below.  Click save and view.

Facebook Landing Page Tutorial



After saving you will see the options to view your non-fan page and fan page as you see in the image below.  If those images are correct and do not have scroll bars, you have installed correctly. Congrats!

Facebook Landing Page Tutorial

Step 4:  Change your landing page to the Welcome tab by going in to “Edit your page”.  Under “Manage Permissions”click on the Default Landing Tab drop down menu where you will find your Welcome tab listed.  Make sure this is selected before saving.  Once you do this, all your non-fans will arrive at your “Like Us” landing page and if you have included a fan welcome page (optional as mentioned above), all your fans will visit that page each time they revisit.  You don’t need to have both but I find it a great way for promotions, events, a showcase for your site and why someone should like your page.

Facebook Landing Page Tutorial

My Non-Fan Like Us page is at the top of this post and Fan Page Welcome page images is below.

Facebook Landing Page Tutorial

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  1. This is a good tutorial and would have saved me a lot of time when I wanted to do mine.
    Consider yourself stumbled and I also joined you on facebook, networkblogs, GFc and voted for you on Picket fence. Decided to be productive while I was here 🙂

  2. This is on my list of things to do someday for my FB fan page. Thanks for sharing how it is done.

    Stumbled for you. My post is at if you feel like giving it a thumbs up.

  3. I gave you a Stumble! I haven’t really put a lot of effort into my Facebook page, but I will bookmark this for future reference.

  4. Fab post! I stumbled as PSbeautyqueen 🙂

  5. So fun! We are visiting from the Stumble Saturday event.

    Just stumbled your article and you are free to stumble ours
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  7. Great tutorial, really put things into black and white for me. However I would like to know how to make the page so that when somebody clicks “like”, they are re-directed to your pages wall?

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