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6 Tips for a Successful Redneck Christmas


Tip 1:  Decorating for Christmas does not have to take a bite out of the wallet; utilize things you already own.  An old junker and some light up reindeer are the perfect tinkle tour attraction.


Tip 2: Recycling used shotgun shells not only does your part for the environment but is a creative and colorful addition to any front door.



Tip 3:  Showcase your talent. After all the hard work you’ve been doing throughout the hunting season, it’s the perfect time to show off your brag tree in holiday fashion.


Tip 4:  Dress the part.  Enjoy your Christmas party in style but a word of advice, you may want to use a little cover-up on that black eye; this is a family affair.


Tip 5:  After all the cocktails, a good host ensures their relatives reliable and convenient transportation to and from the Christmas party.  Consider this DIY limo.


Tip 6:  Last, but just as important to a successful Redneck Christmas, spread your holiday cheer by decorating your car.  There’s no sense in letting roadkill go to waste; the cold weather will reduce the rate of decomposition to last through the holiday season.


7 comments on “6 Tips for a Successful Redneck Christmas”

  1. This made me laugh, and reminds me of home 🙂

  2. Haha OH MY GOSH! Those were awesome! I love the DIY limo!

  3. Thank you for these fabulous tips. What great ideas! 😉

  4. **giggle**

    I want my reindeer back.

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